LAIFC-OC Rising Stars Results

Unsanctioned Y8 Mixed Foil 17 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Saifee, Sakina PRECISIONA
3 Fan, Lauren GOLUBITSKY
3 Lozano, Koen Alexander LAIFC
5 Turbat, Celine PRECISIONA
6 Jin, Winston LAIFC
7 Zhou, Athena LAIFC
8 Xu, Leo LAIFC
9 Norzagaray, Lovely LAIFC
10 Lee, Elise GOLUBITSKY
11 Lassere, Linnea LAIFC
12 Yang, Ron Xinyu LAIFC
13 Zuo, Thomas LAIFC
14 Kim, Sabrina LAIFC
15 Li, Scarlett LAIFC
16 Christos, Mark LAIFC
17 Korkunov, Alexander LAIFC
Unsanctioned Y10 Mixed Foil 25 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Zee, Savannah GOLUBITSKY
2 Ye, Jerry LAIFC
3 Kensicki, Phoebe LAIFC
3 Park, Lauren LAIFC
5 Troyanker, Makar LAIFC
6 Turbat, Travis PRECISIONA
7 Wang, Doreen LAIFC
8 Zhou, Joi LAIFC
9 Guo, Austin SDFA
10 Zhao, Olivia TEAMTOUCHE
11 Wang, Alekai LAIFC
12 Zhu, Yiming LAIFC
13 Saleh, Sophia LAIFC
14 Parra, Lucas SDFA
15 Cheng, Alvin LAIFC
16 Lee, Elliot GOLUBITSKY
17 Sha, Laien LAIFC
18 Zheng, Matthew LAIFC
19 Saifee, Sakina PRECISIONA
21 Zee, Bella GOLUBITSKY
22 Kwong, Colin LAIFC
23 Bhangoo, Arman GOLUBITSKY
24 Bhamani, Shane LAIFC
25 Chou, George LAIFC
Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Foil 35 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Yu, ShiYu(Henry) GOLUBITSKY
2 Duan, Sophie UNAT
3 Ye, Jerry LAIFC
3 Yu, ShiLin(Harry) GOLUBITSKY
5 Zhou, Joi LAIFC
6 Wang, Sicheng GOLUBITSKY
7 Wang, Elijah LAIFC
9 Zhou, Shawn TEAMTOUCHE
10 Zhao, Olivia TEAMTOUCHE
11 Park, Lauren LAIFC
12 Kensicki, Phoebe LAIFC
13 Wang, Doreen LAIFC
14 Lee, Christopher EIFC
15 Hong, Edwin GOLUBITSKY
16 Goerdel, Hitchens LAIFC
17 Fan, Sophia GOLUBITSKY
18 Zee, Savannah GOLUBITSKY
20 Chan, Jaxton GOLUBITSKY
21 Wang, Yanxuan(Alicia) LAIFC
23 Holiner, Dmitri LAIFC
24 Zhang, Queeny LAIFC
24 Buschkoetter, Gwen PA
26 Parra, Lucas SDFA
27 Hsiao, Phineas LAIFC
28 Bhangoo, Paloma GOLUBITSKY
29 Wang, Alekai LAIFC
30 Kim, Harrison LAIFC
31 Viertel, Etta LAIFC
32 Yung, Brandon GOLUBITSKY
33 Kwong, Colin LAIFC
34 Chapluk, Thomas LAIFC
35 Yang, Alexander LAIFC
Unsanctioned Y14 Mixed Foil 18 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Yu, ShiYu(Henry) GOLUBITSKY
2 Kuntsevich, Ivan UNAT
3 Miyashiro, Katelyn SOUTHCOAST
3 Zhang, Ivy LAIFC
5 Ong, Nicholas EIFC
6 Lee, Christopher EIFC
7 Dacko, Nolan LAIFC
8 Leung, Miles LAIFC
9 Lozano, Veyron Jericho LAIFC
10 Zhou, Shawn LAIFC
11 Wang, Elijah LAIFC
12 Park, Roy EIFC
13 Yu, ShiLin(Harry) GOLUBITSKY
14 Roy, Barnabe LAIFC
15 Yung, Brandon GOLUBITSKY
16 Hong, Edwin GOLUBITSKY
17 Trujillo, Jonah SWPLYLA
18 Lippold, Marabelle LAIFC
Mixed Foil 10 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Huang, Harvey LAIFC U E2023
2 Xu, Daniel LAIFC U
3 Huang, Yiming LAIFC U
3 Zhang, Kingsley LAIFC U
5 Bagwell, Theodore LAIFC U
6 Arredondo, Valentino LAIFC U
7 Xue, Jason LAIFC U
8 Kenzhebulatova, Sara LAIFC U
9 Yang, Mikey LAIFC U
10 Zhang, Lucas LAIFC U
June 11, 2023
1840 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92865 USA, Orange, CA 92685 USA
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This is a youth tournament for rated and unrated (U) foil fencers and it is unsanctioned.
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