Purdue Fall Open Results

Mixed Epee 18 Competitors, A1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Karolak, Dale LLFC A2014 A2015
2 Luehrs, Nelson PURDUE D2015 B2015
3 Shipp, Jason PURDUE B2015
3 Hanahan, Tom UNAT B2015
5 Suh, David INDIANA U D2013 D2015
6 Elsayed, Hani UNAT U D2015
7 Hauck, Samuel IFC A2015
8 Voege, Colton PURDUE C2015
9 Geraci, Paul UNAT A2013
10 Dummett, William IFC D2015
11 Acevedo, Sarah PURDUE E2013
12 Quatroche, John IFC C2015
13 Brandyberry, Mark RCF E2013
14 Fillmore, Ammon IFC E2015
15 Koby, Brian IFC B2015
16 Reinhart, Elizabeth PURDUE U
17 Reed, Dusty (Allen) IFC E2015
18 Bash, Melissa PURDUE U
Mixed Saber 15 Competitors, D1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Schindler, Kevin IU U E2015
2 Bae, Douglas VFC(VA) E2014
3 DeCesaris, Charles IU E2014
3 Elsayed, Hossam NWINFC U
5 Gosmeyer, Matthew PURDUE U
6 Carroll, Robert INDYSABRE U
7 Brzegowy, Jacob BLOOMNGTON U
8 Mulvaney, Alec REDSTARCHI U
9 Poropatic, Michael BLOOMNGTON U
10 Leonov, Boris PURDUE U
11 Vaughn, Nicole PURDUE U
12 Suliandziga, Lev IN F.A. U
13 Luehrs, Nelson PURDUE U
14 Cockerill, Emily PURDUE U
14 Sanders, Brittany PURDUE U
Mixed Foil 22 Competitors, C1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Skubik, Benjamin LLFC B2014
2 Doan, Jake INDIANA U D2015
3 Brown-Grimm, Carl IU D2015
3 Karolak, Dale LLFC B2012
5 Figueroa, Clemente UCLAB U E2015
6 Elsayed, Hossam NWINFC E2015
7 Koby, Brian IFC D2012
8 Grantz, Christian PURDUE U E2015
9 Luehrs, Nelson PURDUE U
10 Maltman, Claire GRAPIDSFA E2015
11 Lee, Claire IFC D2015
12 Robinson, Ben INDIANA U U
13 Cook, Aaron NWINFC U
14 O'Malley, Paul EDL E2015
15 Zunk, Patrick PURDUE E2015
16 Acevedo, Sarah PURDUE E2015
17 Fields, Damond UNAT U
18 Flyer, Hayley INDIANA U U
19 Abraham, Jonathan IFC U
20 Snyder, Edward UNAT U
21 Guariniello, Cesare PURDUE U
22 Elsayed, Hani UNAT U
November 7, 2015
France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center
355 N Martin Jischke Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907 USA
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Purdue's annual Fall Open is open to all who are 13 years or older as of January 1, 2015. Epee begins at 9am, saber at noon, and foil at 2pm. Registration at the venue will open a half an hour before the weapon scheduled start time and is $25 per weapon.
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