RPI Spring Open 2018 Results

Senior Mixed Foil 23 Competitors, C1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Ryan, Joshua DREWUNIVNC D2016 C2018
2 Bagdan, Samuel RIT C2017
3 Horak, Peter RPICLGRFC D2018
4 Simon, Tobias URFC D2017 D2018
5 Brisson, Jack MIDD C2016
6 D'Souza, Carlisle UNAT E2016 E2018
7 Dorfman, Mitchell MORRISFC C2016
8 McCarthy, Dan PHXCENTER C2015
9 Coffin, Carleton RPI U
10 Crummack, Henrey CDFS U
10 Schmidt, Rachel CDFS U
12 Shaw, Guinevere UNAT U
13 Gillogly, Maxwell UNAT U
14 Gillogly, Simon UNAT U
15 Cooper, Kelly CDFS U
16 Papsun, Ben SCFC U
17 Ziminsky, Karel RFC U
18 Riehl, Evan UNAT U
19 Gunter, Kevin RPI U
20 Veschi, Anthony RPI U
21 Sullivan, Liam RIT U
22 Pecora, Michael UNAT U
23 Dambrowski, Anne BSC-NY U
Senior Mixed Epee 22 Competitors, B1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Schroeder, Robert RPICLGRFC B2017 B2018
2 Gregory, Abram BVFA B2018
3 Horak, Peter RPICLGRFC B2018
3 Jaklitsch, Michael VASSARCLG A2016
5 Kite, Alexander VERMONTFA C2017
6 Rouse, Joseph CANDLEWOOD C2018
7 Levandowski, Jim CDFS D2018
8 McDarby, Michael S&S-FC B2014
9 Nop, Will VERMONTFA D2018
10 Schwarz, Otto CDFS D2014
10 Duffy, Keith UNAT D2017
12 Nguyen, Thanh BSC-NY D2017
13 Miles, Ronald FVFA E2018
14 Ryan, Joshua DREWUNIVNC C2018
15 Papsun, Ben SCFC U
16 Brisson, Jack MIDD B2016
17 Ziminsky, Karel RFC U
18 DeCusatis, Gerard SWORDSNSTR E2017
19 D'Souza, Carlisle UNAT D2016
20 Pezzulo, John CDFS U
21 Schwarz, Zoe CDFS U
22 Simon, Tobias URFC E2018
Senior Mixed Saber 9 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Ryan, Joshua DREWUNIVNC E2018
2 Zuckut, Alex RFC E2016
3 Nguyen, Thanh BSC-NY E2017
4 Keathley, Jonathan CDFS U
5 D'Souza, Carlisle UNAT D2016
6 Shaw, Guinevere UNAT U
7 Collins, William BSC-NY U
8 Ziminsky, Karel RFC U
9 Dambrowski, Anne BSC-NY U
April 8, 2018
'87 Gym

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3 Weapon USFA-sanctioned Senior Mixed Open. Registration is $25 for the first weapon and $15 for each additional, with a discount for clubs who bring scoring equipment for a strip.
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