James Madison University Open

October 7 - 8 2023
Registration Closes October 5, 2023
James Madison University Fencing Club

JMU University Rec Center
701 Driver Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 USA Map
Online Payment Required To Register
The Annual JMU Fall Open CLUB FUNDRAISER on 10/7&8 at the JMU University Rec Center. Sr Mixed, D3 Mixed events beginning at 9:45 with medals to the 8. $30 event paid IN ADVANCE.

Friday October 6th - Well, we're finally here. Phew! Safe Travels and we will see everyone on Saturday and or Sunday. NO FOOD IN THE VENUE WHATSOEVER. Sports drinks and water, yes, but there will be a designated area for food outside of the gym for this tournament.

Take care - Rich


The Virginia Division was notified at 12:15PM, Tuesday, October 3rd, that James Madison University will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to compete in this tournament. This is unheard of, but at this writing we have two options, eliminate those under 18 or cancel the tournament.

I have produced a list fencers that I know are under the age of 18 and will withdraw them from this event with a full refund and my profound apologies.

There are a number of fencers born in 2005 who are most likely 18, but possibly not. I will send a 2nd note to these people asking them to confirm they are 18. If not, they will be withdrawn and automatically refunded.

I do not know if proof of birth will be required when you walk in - I certainly hope not - but I'd advise you to bring something this weekend.

I am terribly sorry (for many reasons) to have to write this. - Rich, VA Div Chair


ATTENTION: It is OCTOBER 2ND, 7:45 PM. At this writing, a number of our events have hit their caps. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THE ORGANIZERS TO ADD, make an exception, or OVER-RIDE current registration caps.

ALSO, Registration for events with availability closes on 10/5 at midnight.

If someone withdraws, please register immediately WITH PAYMENT, that is all I can tell you.

We cannot increase our caps as it will impact the flow of the tournament. Some people have asked about a waitlist, and the only answer we can support is that a waitlist will be created for the three events on each day upon our arrival at the venue - around 9AM. There is no possible way for the organizers to manage a wait list in advance. First come, first serve, no guarantees, as you know. We're happy to have hit our caps but also wish we could do more for everyone. Managing a club fundraiser is tough because we try to maximize profit/donation to the JMU Club Fencing Team.

Also, the start time for the Saber events each day has moved from 3:30PM to 4PM. We are doing this mainly to more accurately pinpoint when we'd actually be able to start the event without creating a 30-45 minute wait.

FINALLY, every collegiate club event we are doing this year (excluding VT who is still confirming a date) is posted. What a novel concept it would be for people to commit to these tournaments early (sarcasm intended). If numbers get high early, we (the division and the university) can look to increase spots/spaces. If there's a week left before the tournament, we can literally do nothing. These are fundraisers for the clubs, and I will not over-hire/over-spend and influence the financial impact to these clubs, these $$$ are very important to them.

Thanks for your understanding. - Rich


The Annual JMU Fall Open IS A CLUB FUNDRAISER and will be held on October 7/8 at the JMU University Rec Center. Sr Mixed, D3 events beginning at 9:45 with medals to the 8. $5 one-time Non-Refundable registration fee AND $30 event Fee must be PrePaid here on AskFred by 10/5/23 at MIDNIGHT No Exceptions will be made for incomplete registrations.

JMU Staff will not open the venue until 9AM, so please do not arrive prior to. We apologize for this.

All net profit of this event goes to support the James Madison University Fencing Club.

The University Rec Center is located at 701 Driver Drive, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

The James Madison University Fencing Club has organized this event with the VA Division, and the division promises a well-run college club event with highly rated referees and bout committee. Events will be competed on a gym floor with strips taped out.

Unpaid preregistrations will be deleted after the registration close date of 10/5/2023. Requests to be added to the event after the tournament close MAY BE DECLINED, due to space or referee limitations. CAPS may be put in place to support facility space maximums or the ability to hire quality referees to ensure a smooth tournament.

You are HIGHLY encouraged to register AND pay at the same time to reserve your space and to give the organizers - who want to ensure the best possible experience - the opportunity to find good referees to ensure a smooth and well-managed event.


945AM Senior Mixed Foil

130PM Div3 Mixed Epee

4PM Senior Mixed Saber


945AM Senior Mixed Epee

130PM Div3 Mixed Foil

4PM Div3 Mixed Saber

Preregistration opens on 09/5/2023.

Preregistration closes on 10/5/2023.

Parking is available on the weekend, and it is recommended to park in Convocation Lots A, B, and E (marked in red on the attached map). The event is at UREC (marked in blue on the attached map), a short walk from those lots down the hill. 

Water is allowed in the gym, but it is preferred that food is not brought in. At the entryway to UREC on the first floor is a seating pavilion where food is allowed. There are water bottle fillers located at various places around UREC.

When entering UREC, tell the front desk you are a part of the fencing tournament and they should let you through. Go up the stairs located at the opposite end of the room one level. Walk through the hallway that has 2 courts next to it, until you reach another hallway with lockers. Turn to your left, and walk down until you see MAC 3. There will be JMU Club Fencers around to help you navigate. 

Some good places to get food are Mr. J's (Bagels and assorted), Billy Jacks, Taste of Thai, Oriental Cafe, Magnolias, and Xenia's in addition to the usual chain places for something quicker. 

* Liability waiver - Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of USA Fencing and other applicable rules instituted by the Virginia Division of USA Fencing, LLC (VADIV). You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release USA Fencing and its sponsors, VADIV , and referees from any liability. With entry you give consent to VADIV to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital, or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. *