RFC Saber Burn off the Turkey Open and Under Plus House Cup Results

Unsanctioned Unrated Mixed Saber 6 Competitors
Pl Fencer Club
1 Ramani, Ari RENAISSANC
2 Tripp, Alex RENAISSANC
3 Williamson, Morgan RENAISSANC
4 Clark, Brandon RENAISSANC
5 Kaakeh, Mohammad RENAISSANC
6 Martin, Katherine RENAISSANC
Senior Mixed Saber 10 Competitors, E1 Event
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Hua, Michael RENAISSANC D2023
2 Siddiqui, Shayan RENAISSANC C2023
3 Ramani, Ari RENAISSANC U
3 Siddiqui, Reem RENAISSANC E2023
5 Parkila, Lukas RENAISSANC D2023
6 Ludlow, Matthew RENAISSANC U
7 Vance, Beth RENAISSANC B2023
8 Chami, Lana RENAISSANC E2023
9 Williamson, Morgan RENAISSANC U
10 Peitsch, Seth RENAISSANC U
Unsanctioned Mixed Saber 6 Competitors
Pl Fencer Club
2 Thomas, Tre RENAISSANC
3 Cracchiolo, Augustino RENAISSANC
3 Kaakeh, Taim RENAISSANC
5 Harder, Kevin RENAISSANC
6 Kaakeh, Kareem RENAISSANC
November 24, 2023
Renaissance Fencing Club
185 E Elmwood Drive, Troy, MI 48083 USA
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Come out and burn off your Thanksgiving dinner! Unsanctioned House Cup and Sanctioned Open! Way more fun then shopping the day after Thanksgiving.
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