RFC Saber Burn off the Turkey Open and Under Plus House Cup

November 24, 2023
Registration closes November 24, 2023
Renaissance Fencing Club

Renaissance Fencing Club
185 E Elmwood Drive, Troy, MI 48083 USA Map
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Come out and burn off your Thanksgiving dinner! Unsanctioned House Cup and Sanctioned Open! Way more fun then shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

Open: This is a sanctioned Mixed Saber only event for all fencers, born 2010 or earlier with valid and current USA Fencing membership. Close of registration 12:00 pm

HOUSE CUP: This is an unsanctioned event for all groups of Saber fencers - beginner, intermediate, pre-elite and elite. Fencers of all levels are welcome to attend. We will place you with fencers of similar age and level. Entry fee $40.00, close of registration 9 am.

Events Scheduled:

HOUSE CUP -Mixed Saber, unsanctioned: 9 am

Open - Mixed Saber, sanctioned: 12:00 pm close of registration

Full equipment is required for the Open Sanctioned event, including current 2023-2024 competitive USA Fencing membership and must have been born in 2010 or earlier.

Entry fee $40.00 first event, $15 second event

Contact tournament organizer with questions: bvance@renaissancefencing.com