Upcoming Tournaments

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The Phoenix Center: Poughkeepsie, NY Map
Dec 10 9:00AM Y12 Men's Epee
Dec 10 9:00AM Y12 Women's Epee U
Dec 10 12:00PM Senior Mixed Epee E1
18 Feb 2024
Storm King School: Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY Map
Feb 18 8:00AM Men's Epee U
Feb 18 8:00AM Women's Epee U
Feb 18 11:00AM Men's Foil U
Feb 18 11:00AM Women's Foil U
Feb 18 1:00PM Men's Saber E1
Feb 18 1:00PM Women's Saber U
Storm King School: Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY Map
Mar 10 8:00AM Men's Epee E1
Mar 10 8:00AM Women's Epee U
Mar 10 11:00AM Men's Foil U
Mar 10 11:00AM Women's Foil U
Mar 10 1:00PM Women's Saber U
Mar 10 1:00PM Men's Saber E1
Vassar College - Walker Field House: Poughkeepsie, NY Map
Apr 21 10:00AM Men's Epee U
Apr 21 10:00AM Women's Epee U
Apr 21 12:00PM Women's Foil
Apr 21 12:00PM Men's Foil
Apr 21 2:00PM Men's Saber
Apr 21 2:00PM Women's Saber
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