TAAF Summer Games of Texas Results

Senior Mixed Epee 25 Competitors, B2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Felix, Sarah NTFA C2011
2 White, Doug DFC C2010
3 Cravey, Donald CLFC B2007
3 Barnes, Kierstyn DFA D2011
5 Underwood, John GOLDBLADEF C2008
6 Honaker, Marshall DFA C2011
7 Sloan, Jacob NTFA C2011
8 Baum, Evan DFA D2011
9 Bumgarner, David RRFC D2010
10 Uldall, Henry GOLDBLADEF C2011
11 Sexton III, Ray L. UNAT A2011
12 McCullough, Katelin GOLDBLADEF C2010
13 Robinson, Chris RRFC U
14 Fortenberry, Alexander HOT U
15 Campos, Martin WFA U
16 Ho, Wayne UNTFC D2011
17 Levine, Eryn DFA E2011
18 Arroyo, Carlos NTFA U
19 Dudenhoefer, Valerie RRFC U
20 Masters, Tucker RRFC U
21 Mazurek, Animate SP U
22 Ayers, Andrew REN U
23 Murray Sr., Gary RRFC U
24 Mohler, Jennifer UNAT U
25 Busby, Matthew WFA E2011
Y12 Mixed Foil 6 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Wheatley, Aaron TEXASFENCI U
2 Barchas, Madison TEXASFENCI U
3 Kemp, James HOT U
3 Fanning, Abe NTFA U
5 Vande Velde, Elizabeth HOT U
6 Autenrieth, Michael HOT U
Senior Mixed Foil 20 Competitors, C1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Wheatley, Christopher TEXASFENCI D2010 C2011
2 Cravey, Donald CLFC D2010 D2011
3 Little, Danielle TEXASFENCI B2010
3 Sexton III, Ray L. UNAT B2010
5 Lake, Hammond CMFC E2010 E2011
6 Szpak, Ursula GOLDBLADEF C2011
7 Mazurek, Michael SP E2011
8 Dudenhoefer, Valerie RRFC D2008
9 Blake, Randall RRFC E2010
10 Fortenberry, Alexander HOT U
11 Masters, Truman RRFC E2009
12 Vande Velde, Rebekah HOT E2010
13 Mohler, Jennifer UNAT U
14 Garces, Cristian NTFA U
15 Murray Sr., Gary RRFC D2009
16 Wilson, Graham RRFC U
17 Smoot, Ryan RRFC U
18 Ford, Lauren FCUH U
19 Pate, Jessica HOT U
20 Monk, Siler HOT U
Senior Mixed Saber 16 Competitors, D1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Zhao, Erica DFC A2011
2 Sexton III, Ray L. UNAT B2010
3 Gregory, James Andrew ROCKWALL C2010
3 Free, Maria SP E2011
5 Hayes, Stephen FIT E2008
6 Cravey, Michael RRFC E2011
7 Dudenhoefer, Valerie RRFC U
8 White, Doug DFC U
9 Kim, Hyun Joong LONESTAR U
10 Gulickson, Garth ROCKWALL U
11 Murray Sr., Gary RRFC U
12 He, Kevin DFC U
13 Goode, Matthew G. ROCKWALL U
14 Vemireddy, Rachana S. DFC U
15 Fortenberry, Alexander HOT U
16 Goode, Samuel G. ROCKWALL U
July 31, 2011
South Waco Recreation Center
2815 Speight Avenue, Waco, TX 76711 USA
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HOT Fencing hosts the 2011 Summer Games of Texas in the new South Waco Rec Center! Please note, your preregistration is not complete without prepayment. TIMES AND DATES HAVE CHANGED. Please see schedule of events.
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