Cupid's Arrow 2024

February 10, 2024
Registration Closes February 8, 2024
South YEL Fencing Alliance

Rochester Regional Sports Center
851 College Pkwy SE, Rochester, MN 55904 US Map
Online Payments Not Accepted
Our venue has changed, but the fun certainly has not. The 2nd Annual "Cupid's Arrow Tournament" is held by the SEMN Youth Enrichment League Club in Rochester.


The schedule will be as listed on the "Who's Coming?" page. Times are for the close of check-in; if you miss the close of check-in, you will not be allowed to fence even if you have already paid.

Note: Concessions Will Be Available. You may bring food and drink into the venue, but please avoid peanuts and tree nuts. 


Code of conduct

All fencers must have the 2024 Minnesota High School Fencing League Code of Conduct completed before participating in the tournament. Details will be provided later.



The event will be held Located: Rochester Regional Sports Center

Address: 851 College Pkwy SE, Rochester, MN 55904

Park in the main lot. when you enter the main door the fieldhouse will be on your first left.


Registration and payment

You must register via AskFRED (this website) before 11:00 PM on 2/08/24 (check the “Who’s coming?” page to make sure your registration went through properly)

Please be aware of the following:

The individual entry fee for competitors is $50.00 if prepaid by the deadline or $58.00 if paying at the door. You must be pre-registered (no on-site registration is permitted).

If you don’t check in by the closing time, you will not be allowed to compete.

Each fencer may only compete in one event. 

Cash or check only if paying at the door (no credit cards or electronic payments and no ATM on site). 

Checks can be made out to “Youth Enrichment League”

Please make sure you are registering under the correct AskFRED-listed high school team or club. Check with your coach if you are not sure which one is yours. In addition, make sure the email listed on your AskFRED account is current and checked regularly; an announcement email will be sent out a few days before the tournament.

Generally, there will be no refunds for people who pay in advance and do not show up. However, extenuating circumstances may be considered and full or partial refunds may be issued after accounting for fixed costs such as awards.


Equipment rules

All fencers must have knickers, socks that overlap the knickers,

a jacket, an underarm protector, and a fencing glove. These items must be in good condition and free of holes.

All weapons will be fenced electric so that each fencer will need a working weapon and a body cord as well as a lamé/etc. for foil and saber.

For saber, 800NW (FIE) gloves are required.

All women must have chest protectors; any chest protectors used

by men or women in foil must have neoprene padding.

Masks will be inspected. They must (1) be free of dents and defects (2) pass a punch test (3) have a working back strap (the new-style Velcro strap system is not required, but there must be a strap in good working condition, tight enough to secure the mask to the back of the head).

Weights and shims will not be inspected for foil and epee.


COVID policy

As of this posting, masks and vaccinations are not required to participate or attend. However, if you are ill or have a fever, you are asked not to attend. If you have tested positive for COVID, please do not attend unless you have a negative test or have been fever-free for at least 5 days.