Members-Only Novice Tournament

November 19, 2023
Registration closes November 18, 2023
Fencing Academy Of Philadelphia - University City

Fencing Academy of Philadelphia North
827 Glenside Avenue, Suite 201, Wyncote, PA 19095 USA Map
Accepts Payments Online
Unsanctioned, F.A.P. members-only dry foil tournament for new competitors with plenty of support. Please sign up for the youngest category for which the fencer is age eligible.

Welcome to competitive fencing! This members-only unsanctioned event is designed as an introduction for new competitors and their families. During the tournament, we will go over every element of the standard tournament experience.

Events Scheduled:

Unrated Y10 Mixed Foil, eligible birth years: 2013-2016

Unrated Y12 Mixed Foil, eligible birth years: 2011-2014

Unrated Y14 Mixed Foil, eligible birth years: 2009-2012

Unrated Junior (U20) Mixed Foil, eligible birth years: 2004-2010

Preregistration opens on October 21, 2023.

Preregistration closes on November 16, 2023.

The time of each event is listed on the Who's Coming page.

Payment: Please pay online via Stripe or pay in person with a card.

Required: in order to compete, every athlete must have a current Competitive or Access USA Fencing membership.

Equipment: all fencers must be fully equipped with passable, fitting gear in compliance with the rules:

  • WEAPON: working practice foil
  • PLASTRON: worn on the weapon arm side
  • GLOVE: covers approximately half the forearm
  • LONG SOCKS: come up past the edge of the knickers
  • CHEST PLATE: Required for girls; optional for boys
  • JACKET & KNICKERS: must be correctly fitting, covering all appropriate skin and undershirts, and be the correct handedness (ask your coach if you are unsure!)

Arrival: the venue opens one hour before the first close of check-in for the day; athletes should arrive no later than one hour before their close of check-in so they have time to prepare for event start.

Parking: please park in the Glenside parking lot and enter through the Wyncote Commons lobby and come up to the second floor via the stairs or elevator. The Rices Mill Road driveway is only for drop-off and the use of individuals with mobility limitations.

Infectious Disease & Cancellations: Please stay home if you have had contact with anyone known or suspected to have covid-19, the flu, or other serious contagious disease. Illness and injury are the rare situations where you may (and should!) cancel all the way up to the day of the event. Please call or text 267.966.5610 to advise us of cancellation in a true emergency.