GFA: Pisacafe Circuit / NC Homeschool League Results

Unsanctioned Unrated (Middle School) Mixed Foil 10 Competitors
Pl Fencer Club
1 Fernandez, Paxxon Wess
2 Styers, Charlene GSO
3 McKinney, Brayden GSO
3 Strait, Anna GSO
5 Pikoulis, Amelia CFFA
6 Elliott, Olivia AAFA
7 Wilson, Seth AAFA
8 Durham, Channing GSO
9 Pritchett, Whit CFFA
10 Marecki, Asher GSO
Unsanctioned Unrated (Elementary) Mixed Foil 4 Competitors
Pl Fencer Club
1 McKinney, Olivia AAFA
2 Swaim, Logan AAFA
3 Chi, Emma GFA
3 Hein, Lucas AAFA
Unsanctioned Unrated (NC Homeschool Fencing League - Varsity A Teams) Mixed Foil Team
Place Team Members Club
1 Southeastern Cardinal Cape Fear Fencing Association
2 Dead Squirrels All-American Fencing Academy
3 Oakridge Mustangs Oak Ridge Fencing
Unsanctioned Unrated U17 (NC Homeschool Fencing League - JV/B HS/MS Fencers) Mixed Foil 10 Competitors
Pl Fencer Club
1 Ertzberger, Joel CAPEFEAR
2 Green, Mesha AAFA
3 Yandle, Aiden CAPEFEAR
3 Huff, Will CAPEFEAR
5 Yandle, Caleb CAPEFEAR
6 Chapman, Avery AAFA
7 Yandle, Charlotte CAPEFEAR
9 Knosky, Anna CAPEFEAR
10 Yandle, Emma
October 28, 2023
Greensboro Fencing Academy
2001 E Wendover Ave, Greensboro, NC 27405 USA
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Pisacafe Youth Circuit events limited to AAFA, GFA, CFFA, RTF, St. Raphael, and New Bern fencers. NC Homeschool events NCHEAC eligible teams & fencers.
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