Captain Steere Open Results

Senior Mixed Epee 60 Competitors, Not Contested Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Su, Caleb DCFENCERS A2024
2 Hrapsky, Ryan DCFENCERS A2024
3 Chen, Brian GFA B2024
3 Tikhonov, Iliya CARDINALFA A2024
5 Le Borgne, Matthieu DCFENCERS A2024
6 Culpepper, John EFA A2024
7 Tamulonis, Fen DCFENCERS / PANTHERS A2024
8 Wheeler, Daniel DCFENCERS A2024
10 Christy, Peter CARDINALFA C2024
11 Cao, Albert DCFENCERS A2024
12 Hull, Liam CARDINALFA C2024
13 Tableman, Doug CARDINALFA A2023
14 King, Cameron WAYNESTATE / DCFENCERS B2022
14 Snider, Jeffrey DCFENCERS A2024
16 Hilbert, Gabriel DCFENCERS A2023
17 Hearne, Gavin FAOP / NMFC/DUKEC D2024
18 Zhang, William CFC B2024
19 Rachtchinine, Alexandre CARDINALFA / FairfaxFenc A2024
20 DiSimone, David FAOP / FAOP-NORTH B2022
21 Pan, Colin EFA C2023
22 Hughes, Michael DCFENCERS B2023
23 Dan, Rex CARDINALFA B2024
24 Lam, Alan AIFA A2024
25 Yu, Jason DCFENCERS C2024
26 So, Lorenzo PENTAOLYFC C2024
27 Tikhonov, Daniel CARDINALFA B2024
28 Boudreaux, James EFA / EFA A2024
29 Deucher, Joseph DCFENCERS A2024
30 Lee, Aiden VAFC B2024
31 Robitzski, David LFA B2021
32 Pandey, Yash UNAT E2023
33 Yap, Nathan OTFC / InvictaSport E2024
34 Ortiz, Benjamin LFA C2023
35 Vellala, Avinash DCFENCERS U
36 Carter, Austin PENTAOLYFC A2024
37 Swenson, Keane SFC B2020
38 Chhu, Allen AIFA C2024
39 Sinfuego, Adrian DCFENCERS E2022
40 Petrow, Zoryan PENTAOLYFC C2024
41 Meggers, Davin PENTAOLYFC B2024
42 Parrish, Bryce SFLORIDAFC C2021
43 Wang, Aiden CARDINALFA D2024
44 Meggers, Samuel PENTAOLYFC D2023
45 Chawla, Aarav PENTAOLYFC D2024
46 Wu, Shaochi AIFA E2023
47 Sun, Ethan SFC E2024
48 Moore, Guy UNAT D2023
49 Armstrong, TyLee PENTAOLYFC E2024
50 Watson, Raymond RICHMONDFC D2024
51 O'Reilly, Robert FAOP E2023
52 Lee, DoWon PENTAOLYFC C2024
53 Armstrong, Gary PENTAOLYFC E2023
54 Lin, Haley DCFENCERS E2024
55 Penhoet, Evelyn DCFENCERS E2022
56 Leech, Braedan NOVAFC U
57 Bui, Ryan CARDINALFA D2024
58 Dan, Chuntao CARDINALFA E2022
59 Waters, Nathaniel CARDINALFA E2024
60 Lee, JoonWon PENTAOLYFC B2024
June 9, 2024
DC Fencers Club
9330 Fraser Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910 US
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