Gobbler's Revenge After-Thanksgiving Epee

November 25, 2023

Brazosport College, Lake Jackson TX
500 College Dr., Lake Jackson, TX 77566 USA
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We're back! The Gobbler's Revenge rides again! Did you eat too much on Thursday? Are you sick of your relatives? Come out and join us for a day of epee and more epee! Lots of fun for all ages!

Entry fees: $25 first event, $10 second event. Special rate of $35 if you enter both.

US Fencing Membership required. We will not be accepting paper renewals, so re-up your membership now! If you forget you can renew on your phone, but we can't take paper renewals, sorry.

$10 late fee if you don't pre-register! So pre-register! But only if you're coming! Thank you!

Cash or Paypal, please. Checks accepted if you really can't do either of the above. We're not set up to take Venmo or Stripe or direct CC payment, sorry.

Events Scheduled:

Div II Mixed Epee, registration closes at 10 am, fencing starts at 10:30.

ETA: I have capped entries at 28. Sorry about that, I love big events too, but I was only able to hire 4 referees and I don't want to flight pools.

Div II Women's Epee, registration closes at 1pm, fencing starts at 1:30.

Unrated Mixed Y10/Y12 Epee, registration closes at 2 pm, fencing starts at 2:30.

Any event that does not have at least 4 entries by 6 pm on 11/25 may be cancelled.

We will run the Mixed Random Draw Team Epee if people still want to fence some more. It will start about 3:30 pm or so, depending on registration numbers from Women's and Mixed epee. If you'd like to wait and see how you feel after your individual event to decide on the Team event that's fine, don't feel obligated to sign up for the team event beforehand. No Y10 or Y12 fencers in the team event, sorry.

If we do have enough people (6 minimum) signed up for a team event we'll sort you into top, middle and bottom thirds based on results from individual events and the opinion of the bout committee and pull names out of a hat to make up teams on the spot. If we have a lot of people signed up we may use some imagination in the format; last year, for example, we ran a pool of teams, each round to a multiple of 3 rather than 5, each round to a max of 1 minute rather than 3. At any rate, it will be a lot of fencing but will not go on until midnight.

It's fun! Come out and fence!

All USFA rules will be enforced. Masks, gloves, and body cords will be checked before fencing.

If you are under 18 and your parent/guardian won't be coming with you to the tournament, you must go here:


print off the form, and have a parent or guardian sign it, and bring it with you, or you won't be able to fence. Won't that be sad? I think that will be sad. So print it off and get it signed and bring it with you. Sorry, your coach cannot sign it in place of a parent.

Directions: The address is:

500 College Dr.

Lake Jackson, TX 77566

The gym is on the NORTH end of campus. There are three entrances to the campus; take the one which is furthest EAST and follow the signs. Park north of the "Bill and Julia May Children's Center", then walk across to "Wing J", which is the gym.

If you get lost call me at 979 848 7433

See you there!