San Antonio Cup III Results

Unsanctioned Y10 Mixed Epee 22 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 French, Drake MFC
2 Veeravalli, Pranav OFC
3 Balleza, Maximilian OFC
3 Morrison, Archer ASF
5 Hagen, Whitfield OFC
6 Rodriguez, Emiliano OFC
7 Zebrowski, Maxim OFC
8 Reeves, Grayson OFC
9 Lin, Gianna TFA
10 Stephanian, Ethan MFC
11 Hagen, Rhett OFC
12 Thomson, Ford MFC
13 Castor, Leland BFC
14 Bernier, Landyn OFC
15 Brummett, Catherine MFC
16 Chen, Linus TFA
17 Loegering, Ryder MFC
18 Wilson, Ella MFC
19 Pichot, Simon OFC
20 Nieto, Elina OFC
21 Ramakrishnan, Rebekah MFC
22 Nieto, Rowan E OFC
Unsanctioned Y14 Mixed Epee 25 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Obrebski, Kevin OFC
2 Kanaskar, Ila OFC
3 Cohen, Nathan RRFC
3 Pohl, Philip OFC
5 Bajaj, Veeraj OFC
6 Soos, Whitman OFC
7 Young, Vivian TFA
8 Abad, Mateo OFC
9 Castano, Helena OFC
10 Veeravalli, Vivek OFC
11 Perez, Daniel OFC
12 Hausheer, Kuncen TFA
13 Lescure, Dimitri TFA
14 Brummett, Erin MFC
15 Zhang, Nancy OFC
16 Brummett, Anna MFC
17 Olson, Joseph OFC
18 Gonima, Francisco OFC
19 Scott, Marley ALAMOFA
20 Garcia, Roland OFC
21 Kostusiak, Evan RRFC
22 Newsom, Finn MFC
23 Hando, Adele OFC
24 Reyes, Lucas OFC
25 Fenno, Kennedy OFC
Unsanctioned Y8 Mixed Epee 7 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Reeves, Grayson OFC
2 Balleza, Maximilian OFC
3 Bernier, Landyn OFC
3 French, Luke RRFC
5 Brummett, William MFC
6 Pichot, Simon OFC
7 Nieto, Elina OFC
Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Epee 20 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Kanaskar, Ila OFC
2 Olson, Joseph OFC
3 Bajaj, Veeraj OFC
3 Reyes, Lucas OFC
5 Abad, Mateo OFC
6 Gonima, Francisco OFC
7 Zhang, Nancy OFC
8 Young, Nicole UNAT
9 Brummett, Sarah MFC
10 French, Drake MFC
11 Ingle, Jack MFC
12 Masor, Max OFC
13 Castor, William BFC
14 Veeravalli, Pranav OFC
15 Rodriguez, Emiliano OFC
16 Lin, Gianna TFA
17 Thomson, Woodlee MFC
18 Chen, Linus TFA
19 Ramakrishnan, Anjali MFC
20 Wilson, Sadie MFC
Senior Mixed Epee 43 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Thayer, Jake INCARNATEW B2023 A2023
2 Sless, Alexander Y UNAT A2019
3 French, Timothy MFC B2023
3 Seefeldt, William Henry WIFC B2023
5 Spier, Julian ATABAFC A2023
6 Hurme, Tommi OFC A2023
7 Hurley, Kelley NYAC A2022
8 Feingersch, Ariav AFC B2022
9 O'Neill, Kevin BFC E2022 D2023
10 Muga, Aiden ALLIANCEFA C2022
11 Gonzalez, Michael OFC D2023
12 Young, Vivian TFA B2023
13 Tiemann, Landen TFA D2023
14 Oden, Isaac OFC A2023
15 Carter, Tony OFC U
16 Hentosh, Pierce OFC C2023
17 McAlister, Ian OFC B2022
18 White, Derrek UNAT E2022
19 Hausheer, Kuncen TFA E2023
20 Veeravalli, Vivek OFC U
21 Castor, Landon BFC U
22 Hernandez, Cole OFC C2022
23 Kaskan, Peter RRFC D2023
24 Saylor, Harrison AFC B2023
25 Cohen, Nathan RRFC U
26 Vrubel, Eli BFC E2022
27 Gilsbach, Benjamin TFA U
28 Galloway, David BFC U
29 Obrebski, Kevin OFC U
30 Kostusiak, Evan RRFC U
31 Vasyakin, Liana ALAMOFA U
32 Castano, Helena OFC U
33 Hawley, Justin RRFC U
34 Hays, Arthur GFC U
35 Galloway, Damien BFC U
36 Abad, Carlos OFC U
37 Kelley, Cathy OFC D2023
38 You, Joyce OFC E2023
39 James, Erin UNAT U
40 Lescure, Dimitri TFA U
41 Perez, Daniel OFC U
42 Alvarez, Natalie OFC U
43 Zamora, Alisa BFC U
April 15, 2023
3200 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212 USA
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