Unsanctioned Epee Team

July 20, 2024
Registration closes July 20, 2024 — in about 1 day
Stillpoint Fencing

Still Point Fencing
1520 E Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85719 USA Map
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Unsanctioned team epee! Much more fencing than a standard team event. Teams will be formed day of.

Tournament Rules

Team Formation

1. Team Size: Teams will be formed with three fencers each.

2. Unbalanced Numbers: If the number of participants is not divisible by three, the following steps will be taken:

• If one extra fencer: This fencer will act as a substitute and can be rotated into any team as needed.

• If two extra fencers: Two teams will have four members, with one fencer rotating as a substitute in each match.

Team Value and Seeding

1. Team Value Assignment: Each fencer is assigned a value from 1 to 6 based on their rank:

• U Rank = 1

• E Rank = 2

• D Rank = 3

• C Rank = 4

• B Rank = 5

• A Rank = 6

2. Team Composition: Teams will be formed to ensure balanced overall strength. The sum of the team values should fall within a range determined on the day of the event. This range will ensure competitiveness while allowing for some flexibility in team selection.

3. Team Value Terminology: The combined value of a team's fencers will be referred to as the "Team Rating."

4. Seeding Criteria: Teams will be seeded from strongest to weakest based on their Team Rating. In case of ties, the year of the highest-rated fencer will be used as a tiebreaker, with more recent ratings given higher priority.

Tournament Structure

1. Round 1:

• The strongest team fences the middle-ranked team.

• The second strongest team fences the second middle-ranked team, and so on.

2. Handling Byes:

• If the number of teams is odd, the lowest-seeded team that has not yet had a bye will receive the bye each round.

3. Round 2:

• Each team fences the team closest to their rank that they have not yet fenced. For example, the team with the highest rating fences the team with the second-highest rating, the team with the second-highest rating fences the team with the third-highest rating, etc.

4. Round 3 and Beyond:

• After Round 2, teams will be categorized based on their win-loss record.

• Teams with two wins will fence other teams with two wins, teams with one win will fence other teams with one win, and teams with no wins will fence other teams with no wins.

• This continues until one team has the most wins or until all teams have received one bye.

Matches will be fenced with the standard USA Fencing rules for team.


This is an unsanctioned tournament.

Responsibility for refereeing will trade back and forth between each team every bout within the match.

Teams will be formed at 11:00 am and fencing will start soon after. The doors will open at 10:00 am so please come early to warm up.

Please park behind the building.

This event will be free for SPF members and $20 for non-members. Please bring cash or check.