DCFC Champagne Challenge Registrations

Senior Mixed Epee Check-In Closes Sunday, Mar 24 at 10:00AM
47 Fencers (of 72 Max) : 11A, 11B, 5C, 7D, 6E, 7U Could be up to a A2 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Amolsch, Dylan ASER International Fencing Academy B2023
Anderson, Donald New Mexico Fencing Foundation D2023
Brundage, Nevan DC Fencers Club U
Bui, Ryan Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Byun, Andrew Nova Fencing Club E2021
Carter, Austin Penta Olympic Fencing Club A2024
Chen, Brian Guanyi Fencing Academy B2024
Choo, Christopher U
Deucher, Joseph DC Fencers Club A2023
Dickens, Robert B2024
Evans, Allen DC Fencers Club C2023
Evans, Grant Savage Fencing Club B2022
Grupp, Tristan Fencing Academy of Philadelphia B2022
He, Lawrence Medeo Fencing Club / Wanglei International Fencing Club A2023
He, Lizbeth Medeo Fencing Club / Wanglei International Fencing Club D2023
Hilbert, Gabriel DC Fencers Club A2023
Hitchcock, David Cardinal Fencing Academy B2024
Hoover, Natalie Lancaster Fencing Academy U
Hrapsky, Ryan DC Fencers Club A2024
Hughes, Michael DC Fencers Club B2023
Kong, Brandon Penta Olympic Fencing Club U
Le Borgne, Matthieu DC Fencers Club A2024
Lee, Aiden Elite Fencing Academy (VA) / Alliance Fencing Academy D2023
Lee, Aiden Penta Olympic Fencing Club D2023
Lee, DoWon Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2023
Lee, JoonWon Penta Olympic Fencing Club B2024
Li, Benjamin Savage Fencing Club A2024
Liu, Nicole DC Fencers Club B2023
McGuirk, Andrew E2020
O'Reilly, Robert Fencing Academy of Philadelphia E2023
Petrunko, Kyrylo ASER International Fencing Academy E2023
Rodriguez, Tyler University of Maryland, College Park Fencing Club U
Sampaio, Beatriz Nova Fencing Club U
Seikel, Spencer Lancaster Fencing Academy D2023
Sinfuego, Adrian DC Fencers Club E2022
Snider, Jeffrey DC Fencers Club A2022
So, Lorenzo Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2024
Su, Caleb DC Fencers Club A2024
Suh, David D2022
Tikhonov, Daniel Cardinal Fencing Academy C2024
Tikhonov, Iliya Cardinal Fencing Academy A2024
Usdin, Anton Penta Olympic Fencing Club A2024
Wheeler, Daniel DC Fencers Club B2023
Wu, Shaochi ASER International Fencing Academy E2023
Yu, Jason DC Fencers Club C2024
Zhang, Caden Elite Fencing Academy (VA) B2024
Zhang, Sen Penta Olympic Fencing Club D2023