AIC Summer Open Results

Senior Mixed Foil 32 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Buergin, Aidan OTFC B2022 A2024
2 Wang, Winston AIC B2023 B2024
3 Grass, Andrew AIC A2022
3 Song, Austin AIC B2023 B2024
5 Mohamed, Amir AIC A2024
6 Mohamed, Murad AIC A2024
7 Pan, Henry AIC B2024
8 Huang, Eythan AIC B2024
9 Sheng, Dalton AIC C2024
10 Li, Matthew AIC A2024
11 Tang, Albert OTFC B2024
12 Tikhaev, Alexander AIC B2024
13 Jiang, Bowang AIC C2024
14 Yu, William AIC C2024
15 Tang, Alexander OTFC C2024
16 Orlov, Dmitriy OTFC / AIC C2023
17 Tang, August OTFC C2024
18 Klyczek, Andrew TIDEWATERF / FSA INC C2024
19 Fadl, Omar AIC B2023
20 Hafez, Tahiyah FSA INC C2024
21 Poloni, Giovanni BCAFWEST C2024
22 He, Kyle AIC D2024
23 Mao, Lucas AIC C2023
24 Shea, William SFC D2024
25 Candelaria, Armando NOVAFC U
26 Zou, Michael AIC E2024
27 Bergmann, Beatrix SFC U
28 Coleman, Samantha SFC U
29 Metz, Mason UNAT E2024
30 Chenh, Justin NOVAFC E2024
31 Liu, Anthony HOMEWOODFC E2024
32 Westgate, Rebecca SFC U
C & Under (Div 2) Senior Mixed Foil 4 Competitors, NR Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Poloni, Giovanni BCAFWEST C2024
2 Metz, Mason UNAT E2024
3 Liu, Anthony HOMEWOODFC E2024
3 Zou, Michael AIC E2024
June 9, 2024
AIC Fencing Club
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