HFC Rocket City Season Opener Results

Mixed Epee 30 Competitors, B2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Neu, Matthew DCFC A2017
2 Arias, Troy BIRMINGHAM C2018
3 Capellua, Tommaso CLOSED B2018
3 Smith, Andrew BIRMINGHAM D2018
5 Parks, Robert HFC E2017 E2018
6 Kertesz, Stefan BIRMINGHAM E2018
7 Wiedeburg, Jonathan BIRMINGHAM E2018
8 Rutherfurd, John "Trace" CLOSED D2018
9 Chavez, Andrew HFC E2017
10 Young, David C HFC C2017
11 Jordan, Austin DFC D2018
12 Saul, Nicole CLOSED D2017
13 Brand, Wesley BIRMINGHAM C2017
14 Kurbegov, Alexander CLOSED U
15 Sampson, David HFC U
16 Baker, Julian CLOSED D2018
17 Enderle, Alexis CLOSED E2017
18 Whitley, Gary HFC D2018
19 Parcelewicz, John FESA E2017
20 Dorsett, Elizabeth HFC U
21 Moore, Gabriel HFC U
22 Welford, Derek HFC E2016
22 Davis, Hugh HFC U
24 Goedicke, Elway CLOSED U
25 Simmons, Tristan CLOSED U
26 Capellua, Mariasole CLOSED U
27 Brown, Hannah BIRMINGHAM U
28 Ammon, Blue BIRMINGHAM U
29 Little, Courtney HFC U
30 Dillard, Katlyn CLOSED E2018
D & Under (Div 3) Mixed Epee 30 Competitors, C2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Wiedeburg, Jonathan BIRMINGHAM E2018 C2018
2 Smith, Andrew BIRMINGHAM D2018
3 Baker, Julian CLOSED D2018
3 Rutherfurd, John "Trace" CLOSED D2018
5 Parks, Robert HFC E2017 E2018
6 Jordan, Austin DFC D2018
7 Chavez, Andrew HFC E2017 E2018
8 Davis, Hugh HFC U E2018
9 Briggs, John HFC E2016
10 Whitley, Gary HFC D2018
11 Moore, Gabriel HFC U
12 Williams, Audrey BIRMINGHAM E2018
13 Parcelewicz, John FESA E2017
14 Dillard, Katlyn CLOSED E2018
15 Saul, Nicole CLOSED D2017
16 Kurbegov, Alexander CLOSED U
17 Capellua, Mariasole CLOSED U
18 Simmons, Tristan CLOSED U
19 Little, Courtney HFC U
20 Goedicke, Elway CLOSED U
21 Welford, Derek HFC E2016
22 Enderle, Alexis CLOSED E2017
23 Townsend, Zachary UNAT U
24 Sampson, David HFC U
25 Folkerts, Paul MF U
26 Ammon, Blue BIRMINGHAM U
27 Brown, Hannah BIRMINGHAM U
28 DeCaro, Jason BIRMINGHAM U
29 Dorsett, Elizabeth HFC U
30 DeCaro, Alexa (Max) BIRMINGHAM U
August 18, 2018
Huntsville Fencing Club
2113 Old Monrovia Rd NW, Huntsville, AL 35806, Huntsville, AL 35806 USA
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Please join us for the Huntsville Fencing Club season opener. We'll be hosting two USFA sanctioned events. Registration $15 $10 per event. All USFA rules will be applied. USFA membership is required for ALL events. Top 3 earns medals in each event.
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