LI Div Y14 Qualifier Summer Nationals 2022

April 23, 2022
Registration Closes April 19, 2022

Mission Fencing Center
346 Route 25A, Rocky Point, NY 11778 USA Map
Online Payment Required To Register
This event is the LI Division Y14 Qualifier for Summer Nationals 2022. Eligible birth years 2007-2010 or on Y12 points list. Please view the More Info page for full details.
Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing.
This tournament provides a qualification path for Y14 EVENTS AT SUMMER NATIONALS. Live Results will be posted on More information about Summer Nationals/July Challenge Qualification Paths: COVID-19 Protocols: As a result of athlete and staff safety concerns due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the following will be enforced at this event. There will be NO exceptions to COVID-19 safety protocols implemented throughout the tournament. If you cannot comply do not register for this tournament. Anyone (fencer or coach) refusing to comply with safety protocols will be escorted from the venue. These protocols and tournament modifications due to COVID-19 are up for change at anytime. Entry to the venue - Coaches and spectators MUST have completed a COVID vaccine series (Pfizer 2 shots, Moderna 2 shots, or Johnson & Johnson 1 shot) 14 days prior to arrival at the venue OR have proof of a negative COVID test no more than 72 hours prior to the tournament. - Only athletes, tournament staff, and coaches who hold a valid USFA Coach membership will be allowed to enter the fencing floor. Spectators must remain in designated spectator areas. - Your USFA membership card (or digital membership card) will be required of all athletes and coaches in order to gain entry to the venue and fencing floor. - Face masks will be required of every person in the facility regardless of role, age, or any other criteria. As per USFA’s requirement, face coverings must be two-layer cloth masks or surgical face coverings. Single-layer gaiters, bandannas, masks with vents and inserts that clip into the fencing mask and do not fully contact the athlete's face are not permitted. Masks must be worn at all times, including during competition. When in the venue - Everyone must practice social distancing. - Refrain from physical contact with other participants and attendees (handshakes, body contact, etc.) - Do not share equipment such as weapons, body cords, fencing masks, gloves or uniforms, with others. - No personal chairs or alternative seating options are allowed on the floor. Fencers may bring a small tripod to record their bouts or stream to an outside party but placement of the tripod may not be in any place that will cause a safety concern or hinder the running of the event. These concerns will be determined by the referees, and final discretion lies with the Bout Committee. Tripods and phones/cameras are at your own risk. The Division, venue, tournament, etc. will not be responsible for any broken equipment. - No congregating or gathering in any doorways, hallways, or walkways. - When you have finished fencing in your event, please gather up your belongings quickly and leave the building immediately. You may not stay and socialize. - Top 8 to receive their medals from Bout Committee on their way out. Note: This tournament is being scheduled at the request of USA Fencing; however, subject to New York State laws and orders regarding COVID-19, including assembly of persons, or if any circumstances arise that would preclude safe running of this event, this tournament can be cancelled at any time. Should the tournament be cancelled, fees will be held as a credit for use in future Long Island Division qualifier events. Cost Information: Registration Fee = $10 Event Fee = $40 per event Walk-In Fees (After April 19th) Registration Fee = $50 Event Fee = $120 per event Please note that your registration is NOT considered complete until your payment has been made. If you are listed as an incomplete registrant on FRED’s list, you WILL be charged the walk-in event fee. Tournament Format: These events will have one round of pools, with 100% promotion into a direct elimination table. While fencers may fence in more than one event on this day, they should realize that they do so at their own risk. Each event will run independently and there is a possibility that you may be called to strip for a bout in more than one event at the same time. Fencers MUST report to the strip when called. A word of caution: If a fencer starts one event and decides to withdraw from that event to fence in the other event, the fencer will be given a Black Card and disqualified from the first event. Additionally, the specified breaks in between bouts are for that event only. If you fence in more than one event, it may be possible for you to have to finish one DE bout and then immediately fence another (in the other event) without a break in between. The more people that fence, the more that qualify! Be sure to encourage your teammates, clubmates, and friends to fence! Eligibility Information: Fencers competing must be current competitive members of the US Fencing Association, registered with the USFA as a member of the Long Island Division. To become a member or renew your membership, please visit Please note that all memberships expire on July 31st, so if you have not renewed since July 31st you are not a current member. If you do not have a membership at check-in, you will be required to sign up for one on the day of the tournament. One-day memberships and High School Competitive memberships are not valid for qualification events. Your USFA membership card will be checked during check-in, so please make sure you have it with you! Fencers must follow the age restrictions set forth by the USFA. These restrictions can be found on page 2-9 of the Athlete Handbook or here: The Bout Committee must use the current rating information found on the USFA website for seeding purposes. Please verify that your rating is correct with the USFA and contact the National Office to resolve any discrepancies PRIOR to the tournament. Current ratings can be verified here: It is the fencer's responsibility to notify the Bout Committee of any registration discrepancies before the close of check-in for the event. (I.e. wrong club, wrong rating, misspelled name, etc.) As this information comes directly from askFRED, fencers should make sure their FRED profiles are up-to-date PRIOR to the event! If you are an auto-qualifier and will be fencing anyway, please be sure to notify the Bout Committee of your status. Uniform Requirements: All USA Fencing uniform requirements apply. This includes the mandatory use of knickers, long socks, and underarm protectors. Names are NOT required to be on the uniform. The Armory Equipment Check will test the mask, lame (as appropriate), sabre cuffs, gloves, head cords, and body cords. Items that have passed inspection will be specially marked, and directors will be checking for these marks prior to the start of fencing. Venue Information: Mission Fencing Center is located at 346 Route 25A, Rocky Point, NY 11778. They can be contacted at 631-821-1131 for directions or assistance. A map can be found at Mission is in the same shopping center as Kohl's, Michael's, and PETCO. It is across the street from Planet Fitness. If inputting the address into a GPS, you can search for the Rocky Point Post Office which is also located in our shopping center. Ample parking can be found around the back of the shopping center, near the main entrance to Mission. Mission does have a store with limited stock of fencing equipment. Please call the club for more information. Event Schedule: Please note that event times listed are the close of registration. Fencers are required to be checked in by this time. Fencing will begin shortly after registration closes, usually within 30 minutes though the start may be immediate. It is recommended to leave yourself ample time for travel, check-in, and equipment check prior to the close of registration of your events. NO EVENT WILL BE DELAYED FOR LATECOMERS! Womens Epee 9am Womens Sabre 10am Mens Foil 9am Womens Foil 12pm Mens Epee 12pm Mens Sabre 11:30am SafeSport and Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies: This tournament, and all staff, coaches, spectators, and athletes therein, are expected to abide by the USFA Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP), which can be found here: And here: As well as the US Fencing Codes of Conduct, which can be found here: All staff and coaches are expected to be fully compliant with the USFA SafeSport policies, including appropriate valid Background Checks and up-to-date SafeSport trainings, as applicable. Reports of violations of SafeSport or the MAAPP can be made using the form located here: Reports of violations that are not SafeSport or MAAPP-related but still violate the US Fencing Codes of Conduct can be found here: Preregistration opens on 03/22/2022. Preregistration closes on 04/19/2022.