For the Love of Fencing Results

Senior Mixed Foil 22 Competitors, C1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Stanoev, Sava PFC D2024 C2024
2 Kennedy, Christo PFC D2024
3 Burgos, Jacob PITTSBURGH C2023
3 Sun, Henry PFC D2023 D2024
5 Wei, Angela PFC / SFA C2023
6 Kaplan, Maxwell PFC D2023
7 Holstein, Ariel PFC E2023 E2024
8 Powell, Sean PFC E2024
9 Tarchichi, Robby PFC E2023
10 Binet, Nicolas PFC E2023
11 Gellad, Luke PFC E2024
12 Copenhaver, Edward PFC / TIGERFC U
12 Li, RunLin STEELCTYFC / SteelCtyFC E2024
14 Hanover, Augustine PFC U
15 Lyon, Claire CORSAIRFC E2023
16 Raju, Dharshan PFC E2023
17 Tarr, Samuel PFC U
18 Burkardt, Victor STEELCTYFC U
19 Everson, Benjamin AAFC / PITTSBURGH U
20 Fitzgerald, Drew UNAT U
21 Koble, Peter AAFC U
22 Carelli, Nathaniel PFC U
E & Under Senior Women's Foil 10 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Lyon, Claire CORSAIRFC E2023 E2024
2 Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara CORSAIRFC U
3 Musselman, Wynn PFC U
3 Simons, Adrienne PFC U
5 Shao, Jennifer PFC U
6 Enagandula, Praharsha PFC U
7 Lee, Suhyun PFC / PITTSBURGH U
8 Tirmizi, Faatima PFC U
9 Mitchell, Cheyenne PFC U
10 ONeill, Lillian AAFC U
D & Under (Div 3) Senior Mixed Epee 7 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Opferman, Benjamin IUP U E2024
2 Tarchichi, Robby PFC E2024
3 Friedman, Andres PITTSBURGH U
3 Desousa, Carolina CORSAIRFC U
5 Hao, Xueer CMU FC U
6 Ferguson, Daniel PITTSBURGH U
7 Fencer Withdrew
February 11, 2024
Pittsburgh Fencers' Club
7501 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 USA
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In this Olympic year and in close proximity to St Valentine's Day we celebrate the Love for our sport! Senior Open Foil, E and Under Women's Foil and Div 3 Mixed Epee - come join the Fun!
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