Fence-O-Mania 2023

September 23 - 24
Epic Fencing Club

Epic Fencing Club
3309 9 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3C1 CA
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Start the season with lots of bouts! -Minimum 3 pools or 10 bouts -Mixed Events with multiple Age categories -Prizes for the winners of each final round -Registration Sept 1-20

This is a great opportunity for all the fencers to start the season with lots of bouts! Each fencer will have a minimum of 10 bouts or 3 rounds of pools.

The goal of this tournament is to maximize bouting experience so we've mixed men's and women's events and we've cut down the age categories. This way each fencer can fence lots of different people! Below is our suggestions for which events to enter:

  • Open = for fencers born 2010 or earlier
  • Cadet = for fencers born 2007-2012
  • U13 = for fencers born 2011-2016


  • Saturday 8am: Mixed Open Foil (14+)
  • Saturday 10:30am: Mixed Cadet Epee - U15 & U13 fencers too!
  • Saturday 12:30pm: Mixed Open Saber (14+)
  • Saturday 2:30pm: Mixed U13 Foil - U11 & U9 fencers too!
  • Sunday 8am: Mixed Open Epee (14+)
  • Sunday 10:30am: Mixed Cadet Foil - U15 &U13 fencers too!
  • Sunday 12:30pm: Mixed U13 Epee - U11 & U9 fencers
  • Sunday 2:30pm: Mixed Cadet Saber - U15 & U13 fencers too!

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each final round as well as the top 4 of each category.

Registration closes September 20th

Due to some mis-understandings in the past, please note that the "Volunteer and Referee" room is a break and snack room reserved for our team to find respite from the tournament for a moment while they take a break. People who are not working that day are asked to not use that room.

Thank you