DCFC Champagne Challenge Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
Senior Mixed Epee Check-In Closed Sunday, Nov 20 at 10:00AM
61 Fencers : 10A, 14B, 11C, 4D, 11E, 11U Could be up to a A2 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Ackland, Matthew Fencing Academy of Philadelphia E2022
Amolsch, Dylan ASER International Fencing Academy U
Bannen, Nicholas DC Fencers Club E2022
Black, Ethan DC Fencers Club U
Cao, Albert DC Fencers Club A2022
Cao, Brad DC Fencers Club B2022
Carpenter, Liam New York University Ncaa / Fencers Club B2022
Chen, Brian Guanyi Fencing Academy D2022
Dan, Rex Cardinal Fencing Academy E2022
Deucher, Joseph DC Fencers Club A2022
Diveris, Joseph Windy City Fencing-Chicago C2022
Doan, Joseph ASER International Fencing Academy B2022
Duan, Eric Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2022
Fishman, Rahm Penta Olympic Fencing Club D2022
Forest, Sung Unattached (or Unknown) C2020
Hensal, Nicolas DC Fencers Club A2022
Hilbert, Gabriel DC Fencers Club B2022
Hrapsky, Ryan DC Fencers Club A2023
Hull, Liam Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Ilyas, Zakariya Elite Fencing Academy (VA) D2022
Jordan, Anton Penta Olympic Fencing Club B2022
Kang, Eunwoo Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2022
Korschun, Daniel Unattached (or Unknown) C2022
Kropp, Jack Elite Fencing Academy (VA) A2022
Le Borgne, Matthieu DC Fencers Club E2022
Lee, Aiden Penta Olympic Fencing Club E2022
Lee, JoonWon Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2022
Li, Benjamin Savage Fencing Club C2022
Lin, Harrison Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2022
MacTough, Ben DC Fencers Club U
Magalski, Mary DC Fencers Club E2022
Marsh, Alex UMBC Fencing Team / University Of Maryland Baltimore County E2019
Meggers, Samuel Penta Olympic Fencing Club U
Metzler, Calder DC Fencers Club U
Moore, Shomari Peter Westbrook Foundation / Fencers Club A2022
Murphy, Thomas P Penta Olympic Fencing Club B2022
North, Gary Penta Olympic Fencing Club A2022
Palamarchuk, Andriy Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Palamarchuk, Matthew Cardinal Fencing Academy E2022
Pinnamaneni, Drithi Penta Olympic Fencing Club B2022
Robitzski, David Lancaster Fencing Academy B2021
Rothka, Spencer Cardinal Fencing Academy E2022
Sampaio, Beatriz Nova Fencing Club U
Sinfuego, Adrian DC Fencers Club E2022
Sivakumar, Ajit Cardinal Fencing Academy A2022
Snider, Jeffrey DC Fencers Club A2022
So, Lorenzo Fairfax Fencers Llc / Fairfax Fencers E2022
Tableman, Doug Cardinal Fencing Academy A2022
Tamulonis, Fen DC Fencers Club / Wallingford-Swarthmore Panthers Fencing Club B2019
Tirado, Giancarlo Nova Fencing Club D2022
Tomaszewski, Joshua Modern Duelists Fencing Academy C2022
Usdin, Anton Penta Olympic Fencing Club B2021
Vadde, Pranav Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Vadde, Prateek Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Wheeler, Daniel DC Fencers Club B2022
Wozniak, Frederick DC Fencers Club B2022
Wright, Ezra DC Fencers Club B2022
Wu, Jonathan Cavalier Fencing Club B2022
Zhang, Caden Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2022
Zhang, Sen Penta Olympic Fencing Club U
Ziminsky, Karel Charlotte Fencing Academy / Foothills Fencing Academy C2020