Capital Fencing Academy Czajkowski Cup #1 Results

Mixed Saber 26 Competitors, C2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Ferrara, Nick CAPITAL B2023
2 Chen, Jonathan AFFA D2023
3 Notopradono, Nicholas AFFA / WestCoastFA E2023 D2023
3 Posy, Daniel BERGEN FC C2023
5 Matt, Chris CAPITAL A2023
6 Valencia, Jose CAPITAL U E2023
7 Benson, Jacob NOVAFC U E2023
8 Markowitz, Jonathan NOVAFC E2023
9 Bridgeman, Andrew CAPITAL C2022
10 Zewda, Kebron ROCHESTERF / NatCapitalFC C2023
11 Ferraro, Pietro CAPITAL B2022
12 Varner, Michael CAPITAL U
13 Bukowski, Broghan NAZLYMOVFF C2022
14 Walke, Devin CAPITAL E2022
15 Robles, Julio CAPITAL D2023
16 Bukowski, Todd NAZLYMOVFF C2021
17 Dhar, Asif CAPITAL U
18 Chang, William CAPITAL U
19 Mills, Matthew CAPITAL E2023
20 Lemery, Marc CAPITAL U
21 Zhang, Jiaqing CAPITAL E2023
22 Strucker, Rocco CAPITAL U
23 Paul, Jimmy CAPITAL U
24 Mooney-Twyford, Helena DCFC U
25 Bender, Jeannine CAPITAL C2023
26 Chawla, Abhishek CAPITAL U
November 19, 2023
Capital Fencing Academy
12180 Nebel St, North Bethesda, MD 20852 US
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