Referee Seminar w/ Alex Gioiella & Patrick Webster Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
42 Fencers
Fencer Club
Bandalene, Alissa Fencing Society of Oakland University
Bracelis, Josias Fencers Club Inc. / Epee Miami Fencing Club
Braemer, Landon Unattached (or Unknown)
Brewster, Matthew Escrime Du Lac
Burte, Alexander J. Queen City Fencers Club Llc - Do Not Use / Bluegrass Fencers' Club
Cordoba, Robert Bay Regional Fencing Alliance
DeBack, Greta Grand Rapids Fencing Academy
DeLuca, Lauryn V. Hooked on Fencing
Dickson, Tim Indianapolis Fencing Club / Firebird Fencing Academy
Ehren, Mesa Unattached (or Unknown) / Missouri University of Science and Technology fencing club
Fencing, Miami Miami University Fencing Club
Ganapini, Miller West Michigan Fencing Academy / Unattached (or Unknown)
Huston, Landry Salle Du Lion Fencing Center
Kalapasev, Nenad (Ned) NKY Fencing Academy (NKFA)
Kass, Sara Cyranos Place / Rocky River High School Club
Kraj, Pawel Bloomington Fencing Club / Fencing Club at Indiana University
Kushnir, Aden Renaissance Fencing Club
Lapp, J P Traverse City Fencing Club
Lee, Claire Indianapolis Fencing Club / River City Fencing
Lukibanov, Oleg Renaissance Fencing Club
Mai, Carl Xavier University Fencing Club
Marsh-Senic, Ann Renaissance Fencing Club
McGuire, Christian Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club
McIsaac, Finn Renaissance Fencing Club
Meyers, Peter Underground Fencing Organization / Ann Arbor Fencing Club
Miller, Daniel Unattached (or Unknown)
Miller, Lance Grand Rapids Fencing Academy
Novoseltseva, Anna Victoria Grand Rapids Fencing Academy
Novoseltseva, Elizabeth Mariya Grand Rapids Fencing Academy
Oronowicz, Jakub Renaissance Fencing Club / Unattached (or Unknown)
Prijatel, John Xavier University Fencing Club
Ranieri, L. Eric Traverse City Fencing Club
Reeves, Liam Renaissance Fencing Club
Santos, Carlos Grand Rapids Fencing Academy
Schowalter, Tyler NKY Fencing Academy (NKFA)
Senic, Adeline Renaissance Fencing Club
Senic, Anatolie Renaissance Fencing Club
Shevchenko, Viktoriia Wayne State University NCAA
Simmons, Christine United States Fencing Association
Walz, Olivia Renaissance Fencing Club
West, James Murray State Fencing Club
Yang, Luao Renaissance Fencing Club