Let's Try This Limited Epee Open Results

Mixed Epee 12 Competitors, E1 Event
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Morton, William TWINTIERSF D2020
2 McDarby, Michael S&S-FC C2020
3 Durkin, Tristan SMFC U
4 Spahn, Jeff PHX A2019
5 Dacko, Alexander SYRACUSEMU E2020
6 Stankevicz, Timothy TWINTIERSF E2020
7 Ruggles, William UPPERVLYFC D2019
8 Durkin, Brian SMFC U
9 McDarby, Kieron S&S-FC D2020
10 Tanzman, Jacob TWINTIERSF E2019
11 Raush, Mark SMFC U
12 Walting, Paul PVFA C2019
October 10, 2021
Swords And Strategy Fencing Club
4755 Route 30, Amsterdam, NY 12070 USA
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We'll try this first one unsanctioned, just to see how many of us are still out here...
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