Capitol Division Tune-Up Open Registrations

Senior Mixed Epee Check-In Closed Sunday, Jun 23 at 9:00AM
21 Fencers : 8A, 4B, 3C, 1D, 4E, 1U Could be up to a A1 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Bui, Ryan Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA D2024
Campe, Kazimieras DC Fencers Club DCFencers C2021
Carter, Austin Penta Olympic Fencing Club PentaOlyFC A2024
Dan, Chuntao Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA E2022
Dan, Rex Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA B2024
Hensal, Nicolas DC Fencers Club DCFencers A2023
Hull, Liam Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA C2024
Le Borgne, Matthieu DC Fencers Club DCFencers A2024
Lee, Aiden Virginia Apex Fencing Club VAFC B2024
Lin, Haley DC Fencers Club DCFencers E2024
Liu, Nicole DC Fencers Club DCFencers B2023
Patel, Kushal Memphis University School Fencing Team MUSFT C2023
Roberts, Phoenix Forge Fencing Teams Forge E2023
Snider, Jeffrey DC Fencers Club DCFencers A2022
Tableman, Doug Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA A2023
Tamulonis, Fen DC Fencers Club / Wallingford-Swarthmore Panthers DCFencers
Tikhonov, Daniel Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA B2024
Tikhonov, Iliya Cardinal Fencing Academy CardinalFA A2024
Wheeler, Daniel DC Fencers Club DCFencers A2024
Wingfield, Jack DC Fencers Club DCFencers U
Yap, Nathan OnTarget Fencing Club / Invicta Sports OTFC