LAIFC Open - Senior Mixed Epee Results

Senior Mixed Epee 30 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Zheng, Haoran LOHS A2023 A2024
2 Lipton, Jason LAIFC A2020
3 Pak, Elliot LAIFC A2023
3 VillalobosKowalski, Demetrious LAIFC B2023 B2024
5 Smith, Justin LAIFC / NoFear A2022
6 Erlikhman, Adrian LAIFC B2023
7 Lin, Kyran FORTUNE / FORTUNE A2023
8 Shin, Ryan GRANADACHA D2023 C2024
9 Han, Matthew UNAT / OLYMPICFC B2023
10 Miranda, Matteo UNAT C2022
11 Peña, Ethan VISTA D2023
12 Jugan, Bruce PRESIDIOFC / SWORDSFS B2024
13 Hesslegrave, Porter LAIFC / LAIFC A2023
14 Chao, Warren LAIFC E2023
15 Evers, Gabriel LAIFC A2023
16 Ju, Hanul LAIFC B2023
17 Locasale, Nicholas LAIFC B2023
18 Maxu, Tiger LAIFC/OCFC / MIRMS U
19 Fu, Adrian LAIFC U
20 Li, Zerong LAIFC / LAIFC D2023
21 Kim, Alexander WOLVERINES / WOLVERINES C2023
22 Charette, Matthew CHMND / UFA U
23 Brown, Riley VIEWPOINT D2024
24 Pachon, Diego SOUTHCOAST U
25 Camp, Ryder CHMND U
26 Charette, Alex CHMND U
27 Kim, Remington LAIFC U
28 Bangayan, Anthony CHMND U
29 youssef, Caroline LAIFC E2023
30 Danko, Siena CHMND U
February 11, 2024
11755 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 US
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Please join us for an Open tournament! We will have Senior Open Mixed Epee.
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