Amazon Open XXI Registrations

Senior Women's Epee Check-In Closes Sunday, Jun 2 at 9:30AM
19 Fencers : 3A, 3B, 3C, 1D, 2E, 7U Could be up to a A1 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Allen, Sarah Modern Duelists Fencing Academy U
Bowie, Charlotta Modern Duelists Fencing Academy C2024
Brasted, Karen DC Fencers Club U
Brethauer, Adah NKY Fencing Academy (NKFA) U
Brown, Amanda D2023
Byron, Karen Arena Fencing Academy LLC B2023
Engel, Katie DC Fencers Club U
Jeandheur, Carole DC Fencers Club C2023
Korfonta, Jolie Elite Fencing Academy (VA) A2023
Milligan, Lauren Savage Fencing Club C2023
Murphy, Megan Modern Duelists Fencing Academy E2022
Penhoet, Evelyn DC Fencers Club E2022
Prokop, Jeannine Nova Fencing Club A2023
Sampaio, Beatriz Nova Fencing Club U
Veterana, Judith DC Fencers Club U
Witter, Catherine Elite Fencing Academy (VA) A2023
Woolf, Fredrika U
You, Emily Guanyi Fencing Academy B2023
Zhu, Serene ASER International Fencing Academy B2023
Senior Women's Saber Check-In Closes Sunday, Jun 2 at 2:00PM
4 Fencers : 1D, 3U Could be up to a U rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Colby, Mercer Nova Fencing Club D2023
Martin, Audrey Nova Fencing Club U
Nesteruk, Hope Savage Fencing Club / Capital Fencing Academy U
Trice, Diane Invictus Fencing / DC Fencers Club U