14th Annual Yellow Jacket Open

March 2 - 3
Registration closes February 28, 2024
Yellow Jacket Fencing Club

Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center: Atlanta, GA
750 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30318, Atlanta, GA 30332 USA Map
Accepts Payments Online
The annual Yellow Jacket Open @ GT is back! We will have Open and DivIII for all weapons. A's Fence for Free! Sabre B's Fence for Free!

Events Scheduled:

Saturday (3/2/2024)

Mixed Open Foil (Check in closes at 10:00 am)

Mixed Open Saber (Check in closes at 12:30 pm)

Mixed Div III Foil (Check in closes at 3:00 pm)

Mixed Div III Saber (Check in closes at 4:30 pm)

Sunday (3/3/2024)

Mixed Open Epee (Check in closes at 10:00 am)

Mixed Div III Epee (Check in closes at 3:00 pm)

Preregistration closes on Wednesday 02/28/2024 (at 11:59 PM)

Doors open at 9 AM on both days.


The epee events are currently at 100 fencers.

The foil events are capped at 70 fencers.

The sabre events are capped at 70 fencers.

CUT: There is currently no cut.

Preregistration Prices

We are requiring prepayment

If you wish to pay through Zelle, please contact us @ yjfencing@gmail.com (this is NOT the email to send the money to)

First event: $45

Subsequent events: $30

We will not be allowing walk-in (same day) registration

We will not be able to issue refunds after Wednesday 2/28


Current USA Fencing Competitive, Coaching, Collegiate Competitive, or Access memberships are required to compete.

If you have a collegiate competitive membership, please be prepared to show your membership on the website so that we can verify that your membership is not pending.

PARKING INFO: Parking will be in the Student Center Parking Deck (W02_ and it is an hourly parking deck where 6-24 hours costs $15. More information can be found at the following website: https://www.pts.gatech.edu/parking/visitor-parking/

STRIPS: We are offering a discount for all clubs that bring strips for both days. Members of your club will receive a $5 discount per event for each 2 strips that you bring. Please contact us to confirm ahead of time. Strips must have current timing (2016 saber timing)

A's FENCE FREE: If you are an A rated fencer at the time of the tournament, your event fee will be waived for that event. To have your event fee waived, please email us at yjfencing@gmail.com.

B's FENCE FREE (for Sabre): If you are an B rated sabrist at the time of the tournament, your event fee will be waived for that event. To have your event fee waived, please email us at yjfencing@gmail.com.

VENDOR: VA Sports Equipment is our official vendor, and will be present both days. A selection of equipment from all 3 weapons will be available. More info can be found here: www.vafencinggear.com

AGE: You must be born in 2010 or earlier to participate. If you are unsure if you are of age to participate, please visit the USFA website.


If you are a minor, please bring an ID so that we may verify your age

ARMORY: We will be checking masks and gloves. All fencers competing in the sabre events must have an 800N FIE approved glove to compete, all fencers using chest protectors must use protectors in compliance to latest SEMI changes.

FOOD AND DRINK: NO food and drinks are allowed in the CRC gym with the exception of water. This is the policy of the facility and it will be strictly enforced.

REFEREES: We are actively hiring referees for all three weapons. If you are interested please contact yjfencing@gmail.com

Wifi: If you need internet during the event, GTVisitor will be available for anyone not affiliated with the institute.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at yjfencing@gmail.com