NEUSFA Tom Gorman Beanpot Open

January 24 - 25 2015

Boston Fencing Club
110 Clematis Ave, Waltham, MA 02453 USA
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Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing.
LATEST UPDATES WILL BE NOTED HERE,PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK THIS SITE BEFORE LEAVING FOR EVENT. I will update as often as necessary. It is 3:15 on Saturday and I am onsite. Competition is not postponed. Change of time for WE - Sunday 11:30 (change from 12:30) As of 12:30 PM Saturday, we are moving forward with events as they currently stand. If there are further changes they will be noted here. NO events are cancelled. Only WE has time change. END CURRENT UPDATES $25.00 Preregistration (online) fee. Preregistration period ends Wednesday prior to the tournament. $50.00 walk-in fee applies thereafter. Events may be mixed if entries are less than 10. Beanpot is awarded to first place. When men's and women's events are to start at the same time or within 30 minutes of each other, the meets may be combined at the discretion of the meet managers if either event has less than six entries. Events "D" and higher may be mixed when less than 10 fencers of either gender have registered. Medals are awarded to 3rd place. Events Scheduled: Senior Women's Epee Senior Women's Foil Senior Women's Saber Senior Men's Epee Senior Men's Foil Senior Men's Saber Preregistration opens on 08/24/2014. Preregistration closes on 01/21/2015. Unless otherwise stated, refunds will not be issued unless requested by the close of preregistration.