Durkan Youth Cup #3

December 8, 2023
Registration Closes December 7, 2023
Durkan Fencing Academy

Durkan Fencing Academy
60 Saddle River Avenue, Garfield, New Jersey 07026 US Map
Online Payment Required To Register
Sanctioned Youth Sabre for 2022-23 Durkan Youth Cup! Age Groups: Y10 (born 2012-2015), Y12 (born 2010-2013), Y14 (born 2008-2011). USA Fencing membership required.

Durkan Fencing Academy Youth Sabre Cup #3

December 8th 2023

This event is SANCTIONED by USA Fencing/New Jersey Division of USA Fencing

USA Fencing Access OR Competitive Membership REQUIRED

Get membership Online here: https://member.usafencing.org/signup

Full electric sabre equipment required

FRIDAY December 8th, 2023

Age Groups **2023/24 Season**:

Y10 (born 2013-2016)

Y12 (born 2011-2014),

Y14 (born 2009-2012).

Fencers can fence in more than one age group if birth year qualifies (i.e. born 2014 is Y10 and Y12 eligible)

Event Start Times (please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time so you can

check-in and get your equipment on. Pools will start at the start time listed


  • Y10 Mixed Sabre -4:30 pm start time (plan to arrive at 4pm for check-in, warming up etc.)

  • Y12 Mixed Sabre -5:30 pm start time (arrive at 5pm or earlier)

  • Y14 Mixed Sabre - 7 pm (arrive at 6pm or earlier)


Over the USA Fencing Season (August 1 2023 to July 31, 2024) we will have a series of Youth Fencing Tournaments.

Points will be awarded to ALL Fencers based on formula below. Boys and Girls with the most points in each age category will receive a trophy at the end of the season. Top Point Earners in each Gender will receive prizes.

Points Earned: ((# fencers – your place + 1) / # fencers) x 100 points

(Points lists will be tabulated after each event)

First Tournament? We will walk-you and your fencer through every step!

Basics of a Fencing Tournaments:

Check-in -> warm-up -> put on equipment -> warm-up/practice bouts

-> Pools are posted and you fence everyone in your pool in a 5-touch bout

(usually 4-9 bouts; depending on number of fencers in the event)

-> when everyone in the pool has fenced each other, results are calculated

and fencers continue to "direct elimination" bracket

-> fence direct elimination or "DE" bout to 10 touches (for Y10)

or to 15 touches (for Y12 and older); in this round if you lose your bout the

tournament is over for you but you can stay to watch

-> bouts proceed until winner is determined.

-> Medals presented to Top 8 Fencers.

(Events will be approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of

fencers and how many bouts you win)

Registration Fee via AskFred: $20

Event Fee via askFred: $35 per event

Walk-ins: $75 per event (cash or check only)

(Pre-payment via AskFred required or you will be considered a Walk-in)

Venue - Durkan Fencing Academy

Full Air Conditioned and Heated Venue with 20 FIE/Olympic Fencing Strips

Plenty of FREE parking, Chairs for Spectators

60 Saddle River Ave, Unit E

(Entrance is in the BACK of the building)

Garfield NJ 07026

GOOGLE MAP LINK:https://goo.gl/maps/xG5xnWBHxeMfY2rP7

Questions: info@durkanfencing.com or