Unsanctioned CU Fencegiving Results

Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Foil 14 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Weinstein, Connor CUBOULDER
2 Puente, Nicholas FCCHICAGO
3 Freden, Matthew CUFC
3 Jassem, Mikayla CUBOULDER
5 Szeremeta, Philip CUBOULDER
6 Andes, Patrick CUBOULDER
7 Curry, Ronald CUBOULDER
8 Nannemann, Chandler UNAT
9 Russell, Chet UWYOFC
10 Sormberger, Jennifer CUBOULDER
11 Greger, Sarah UWYOFC
12 Pinkham, Racheal UWYOFC
13 Fox, Alexander CUBOULDER
14 Thomson, Sarah UWYOFC
Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Saber 16 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Divita, Mason CUBOULDER
2 Draeker, Margaret DF
3 Nannemann, Chandler UNAT
3 Szeremeta, Philip CUBOULDER
5 Patterson, Graham CU FENCE
6 Russell, Chet UWYOFC
7 Davis, Lucy CU FENCE
8 Cho, Alyss CUBOULDER
9 Snodgrass, Jackson CUBOULDER
10 Mcgough, Kevin CUBOULDER
11 Henderson, Taylor CUBOULDER
12 Greger, Sarah UWYOFC
13 Thomson, Sarah UWYOFC
14 Jeng, Joshua CUBOULDER
15 Barton, Naya CUFC
16 Carty, Lexi CUBOULDER
Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Epee 21 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Beall, Milo CUBOULDER
2 Shull, Marc WNDYCTYCHI
3 Rodrigues, Nicholas CUBOULDER
3 Russell, Chet UWYOFC
5 Mcgough, Kevin CUBOULDER
6 Lettang, John CUBOULDER
7 Funston, Lauren CUBOULDER
8 Fox, Alexander CUBOULDER
10 Kirwan, Cullan UWYOFC
11 Nannemann, Chandler UNAT
12 Wilder, Jamison CUBOULDER
13 Snodgrass, Jackson CUBOULDER
14 Salacain, James CUFC
15 Giebner, Brandon UNAT
16 Szabo, Oliver CUBOULDER
17 Tibbles, Nolan CUBOULDER
18 Greger, Sarah UWYOFC
19 Townsend, Lydia UWYOFC
20 Pinkham, Racheal UWYOFC
21 Apen, Riley CUBOULDER
November 12, 2022
University Of Colorado Boulder Recreation Center

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Joining us for our first post-pandemic Fencegiving 3 weapon open! The CU Fencing Club will be hosting mixed unsanctioned events for epee, foil, and sabre. The price is $15 for your first event and $5 for each consecutive event. $10 Same-day reg. late fee.
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