Equinox Epee Tournament Results

Senior Mixed Epee 43 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Suvorov, Yuly SAS A2019
2 Tucker, Brad LFC A2019
3 Burgess, James HFA E2021 C2022
3 Butler, Joseph LFC A2022
5 Benford, Kailan UNAT U D2022
6 Buckingham, Emma NCFDP C2018
7 Christian, John BBF E2022 D2022
8 Limer, Avi TCFC MN D2021 D2022
9 Robbins, Christopher UNAT B2019
10 Kovanda, Cassidy LFC A2018
11 Young, Jessica KCFENCECTR B2019
12 Bissen, Quinn TCFC MN U E2022
13 Gust, Jadyn ISUFC C2022
14 Millian, Matthew LFC B2020
15 Musel, Daniel RDF C2022
16 Takata, Ben BLADEARTS D2022
17 Buttz, John Henry OFC C2022
18 Celsi, Nick RDF E2020
19 Hart, Jackson PARKWAYFC C2021
20 Oberly, Nicholas BLADEARTS A2019
21 Marcuson, Tim LFC D2021
22 Araye, Nasro TCFC MN U
23 Stephens, Rick BBF C2018
24 Stoeckel, Sofia TCFC MN C2021
25 Knight, Ethan CIFA U
26 Tenhundfeld, Jack RDF E2022
27 Rhea, Eric CIFA D2019
28 Murphy, Shanrael ICFC-IA C2022
28 Johnson, Jay HFA D2022
30 Johnstone, Mathew RDF D2022
31 Schliep, Anna BLADEARTS D2018
32 Fitzgerald, Thomas CIFA U
33 Mohamed, Faisa UNAT U
34 Shoemaker, Oliver BLADEARTS U
35 Franz, Lisa HFA E2021
36 Eulenstein, Chantal RDF U
37 Kuhn, Jeffrey TCFC MN U
38 Honek, Kyle UNAT U
39 Rhea, Heather CIFA E2021
40 Johnstone, Natasha RDF U
41 Hanson, Aimee KCFENCECTR U
42 Stanley, Patrick ISUFC U
43 Junk, Heather ISUFC U
D & Under (Div 3) Senior Mixed Epee 32 Competitors, C2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Limer, Avi TCFC MN D2021 C2022
2 Takata, Ben BLADEARTS D2022
3 Bissen, Quinn TCFC MN U D2022
3 Burgess, James HFA E2021 D2022
5 Johnson, Jay HFA D2022
6 Johnstone, Mathew RDF D2022
7 Benford, Kailan UNAT U E2022
8 Fitzgerald, Thomas CIFA U E2022
9 Ball, Steve RDF U
10 Christian, John BBF E2022
11 Tenhundfeld, Jack RDF E2022
12 Schliep, Anna BLADEARTS D2018
13 Coleman, Marcus OFC U
14 Paine, Cheryl RDF U
15 Honek, Kyle UNAT U
16 Rhea, Eric CIFA D2019
17 Rhea, Heather CIFA E2021
18 Marett, Alex RDF U
19 Stanley, Patrick ISUFC U
20 Franz, Lisa HFA E2021
21 Johnstone, Natasha RDF U
22 Hanson, Aimee KCFENCECTR U
23 O'Hagan, Benedict CIFA E2021
24 Eulenstein, Chantal RDF U
25 Shoemaker, Oliver BLADEARTS U
26 Coleman, Ian OFC U
27 Kuhn, Jeffrey TCFC MN U
28 Benda, Campbell RDF U
29 Anderson, Arlene CIFA U
30 Ball, Erin RDF U
31 Renteria, Sophia RDF U
32 Junk, Heather ISUFC U
April 10, 2022
Meredith Middle School
4827 Madison Ave, Des Moines, IA 50310 USA
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Our biggest tournament of the year in pre-Covid times is back for 2022!
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