NEUSFA Jack Norton Hangover Open Results

Senior Mixed Epee 48 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Maczik, Adam W MFA A2017 A2018
2 Hansen, Jonas OFC CAMBR. A2017
3 Bates, Cassandra MFA A2017
3 Yu, Colin MFA A2017
5 Mechkov, Iliya BAY STATE A2017
6 Hondor, Robert OFC CAMBR. A2017
7 Carpenter, Liam MFA A2017
8 Horak, Peter RPI B2017
9 Corban, Michael OFC CAMBR. A2017
10 Horak, David UVFC B2017
11 Mansoor, Matthew OFC CAMBR. A2015
12 Brookes, Scott DARTMOUTH B2017
13 Passow, Glen UVFC B2017
14 Picard, Christopher BOSTON FC A2017
15 Rouse, Brian OFC CAMBR. A2015
16 Maisel, Simon F OFC CAMBR. B2017
17 Connor, Ryan MFA A2017
18 Zheng, Hagen OFC CAMBR. A2017
19 Foley, Kevin OFC CAMBR. A2017
20 Rivait, Birk SCATFC B2017
21 Sumler, Jeffery MFA A2015
22 Yoshida, Stephen BOSTON FC C2017
23 Kain, Isabel OFC CAMBR. A2017
24 Charron, Jack MFA E2017
25 Leigh, David A OFC CAMBR. B2017
26 Kain, Brad OFC CAMBR. U
27 Garcia-Albea, Javier BAY STATE C2017
28 Bixby, Solomon SFC D2017
29 Carvalho, Daniel CAMBRIDGE C2017
30 Lavenstein, Kinley RIFAC D2017
31 Abele, Chris BAY STATE B2015
32 Bixby, Peter SFC D2017
33 Crocket, Anne SCATFC C2017
34 Mullarkey, Ed 3MB B2017
35 Whelan, Tony OFC CAMBR. D2017
36 Lim, Joshua MFA E2017
37 Todreas, Simon BOSTON FC E2017
38 Santos, Felipe OFC CAMBR. C2017
39 Yu, Weizhen (Larry) MFA U
40 Culler, Michael OFC CAMBR. D2016
41 Rouse, Joseph CANDLEWOOD D2017
42 Pardo, Sarah BOSTON FC U
43 Didonato, Gianina BAY STATE C2017
44 Parte, Aidan MFA E2017
45 Dembski, Clayton W.P.I. U
46 Adamian, David OFC CAMBR. E2017
46 Garcia-Albea, Victoria BAY STATE U
46 Passow, Christian UVFC E2017
January 1, 2018
Boston Fencing Club
100 Holton Street, Boston, MA 02135 USA
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FOIL and SABRE event CANCELLED. Online preregistration ($25.00) closes Dec 28. Walk-in fee ($50.00) applies thereafter. Be among the first to upgrade classification to 2018.
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