La Salle Challenge 2010

November 27 - 28 2010

La Salle Studio
2155 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4 CAN
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La Salle Foil & Epee Challenge November 27-28, 2010
Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing.
== LaSalle Challenge == Saturday November 27 - LaSalle Epee Challenge 12:30 - Men's Epee 12:30 - Women's Epee Sunday November 28 - LaSalle Foil Challenge 11:00 - Men's Foil 12:00 - Women's Foil *** Electric bibs are required in the foil competitions. Times are close of registration. Gym opens 60 minutes before the earliest time shown above. All events are CFF-sanctioned. BCFA membership is required for all events. Events will be mixed if fewer than 6 entries are received in either event on a given day. Separate prizes will still be awarded. -- Entry Fees -- Preregistration closes on 11/25/2010. Registration Fee: $10 Each Event: $10 (in addition to registration fee) Late Fee: $15 (if you do not preregister) All competitors pay the registration fee plus the event fee(s), ie. $20 for one event, $30 for two events. -- Directions -- LaSalle Fencing Club 2155 Commercial Drive The salle is between 5th & 6th Avenues, on Commercial Drive. Street parking is metered; free parking on the side streets. The sale is 3 blocks north of the Broadway-Commercial Skytrain station. A sandwich board will identify the doorway. Fencing is upstairs. -- Entry Requirements -- Entrants must be members of the CFF and BCFA, or members of the USFA. If you are not on the CFF register of active members, please bring proof of membership. All competitors must wear fencing pants, jacket, sous-plastron, mask, and glove at all stages of the competition. The equipment must of recent vintage, and in good condition. Masks and uniforms are available to borrow at the salle, if you do not have a complete set of gear. Foil masks with the lame bib are required in this tournament. Masks that have been retrofitted according to the FIE specifications will be allowed. For further info or questions, please contact Jen Burke: