Winter Open Results

Mixed Foil 27 Competitors, C2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Springfield, Landon MUSFT D2022 C2024
2 Mitchell, Henry LFA D2024
3 Johnson, Soren MUSFT / NEFC D2024
3 Phillips, Nate MUSFC U D2024
5 Thiyagarajaa, Ari MUSFT / NEFC E2024
6 Patel, Kushal MUSFT D2023
7 Dhokte, Neev EPIC / SCAD E2023 E2024
8 Ding, Albert MUSFT U E2024
9 Dang, Tyler MUSFC U
10 liu, oscar MUSFT U
11 Phan, Henry MUSFT E2023
12 Chakravarty, Amrik MUSFT / MUSFT U
13 Pompe Van Meerdervoort, Olivia UNAT U
13 Van Drimmelen, Zoe MUSFC U
15 Mayeux, Nicholas UNAT U
16 Levy, Rex MUSFT E2023
17 Ding, Bryan UNAT U
17 Ding, Bryan MUSFT U
18 Koehler, Kaitlan MUSFC U
18 Koehler, Kaitlan MUSFC U
19 Lonien, Aidan UNAT U
20 Allen, Zel UNAT U
21 Wang, Zeon MUSFT U
22 Johnson, Ryan UNAT U
23 Gayle, Lauren RCFC U
23 Liu, Yunhao MUSFT U
25 Burns, Phoebe UNAT U
Mixed Saber 8 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Sebastian, Ava MIDDLETNFC U E2024
2 Patnaik, Eshaan MUSFC E2023
3 Phillips, Nate MUSFC U
3 Springfield, Landon MUSFT U
5 Hosad, Shubh UNAT U
6 Komeravelli, Rushil MUSFC U
7 Wang, Zeon MUSFT U
8 Zhou, Alan MUSFT U
Mixed Epee 17 Competitors, Not Contested Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Krafft, Douglas MFC D2024 C2024
2 Williams, Eli HUNTSVILLE / UAHFC D2024
3 Patel, Kushal MUSFT C2023
3 Ray, William UNAT C2023
5 Johnson, Soren MUSFT / NEFC E2023 E2024
6 liu, oscar MUSFT D2023
7 Phillips, Nate MUSFC E2022 E2024
8 Massie, Jay Thomas NAF U E2024
9 Ding, Bryan MUSFC U
10 Dong, Joshua MUSFT E2023
11 Haynes, Ally MUSFT U
12 Paul, Joey MUSFC U
13 Mai, Hung OFC U
14 Ding, Albert MUSFT U
15 Das, Kushal MUSFC U
16 Sproles, Henry UNAT U
17 Liu, Yunhao MUSFT U
February 11, 2024
Memphis University School
6191 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38119 US
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