NEUSFA Y14 Qualifiers

March 31, 2024
Registration closes March 24, 2024
Boston Fencing Club

Boston Fencing Club
100 Holton Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02135 US Map
Online Payment Required To Register
New England division members only. Y14 qualifier for Summer Nationals. See More info

PLEASE email for questions, info. etc. NOT the askfred message function. see note below.


Must be EITHER Access or Competitive USFencing member. Noncompetitive membership is not acceptable.

Born between

2009-2012. If born after 2012, you must be on Y12 national point standings

(NSP) to compete. Contact organizer ( for help with registration if you are underage but on appropriate NPS.

You must be a member of the NEW ENGLAND division. PLEASE NOTE: Western Mass, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, are NOT members of New England division. If you register for this event and are not a member of New England division. YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED YOUR ENTRY FEE.

You must be a citizen or permanent resident to compete Bring a perm res card with you if you are not a citizen. You may NOT compete for another country and fence in this event. If you register for this event and represent another country you will be withdrawn and not refunded.

(See rule below)

Fencers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Any fencer who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, who has also represented another country in the last three years, in any FIE and/or Union International de Pentathlon Monderne (UIPM) event, and who has not yet been granted permission to represent the USA by USA Fencing and the FIE is not eligible for any USA Fencing National Championship competition, individual or team, including division qualifying competitions. A foreign fencer who is in the United States on a visa is NOT eligible to fence in any National Championships, individual or team, or associated division qualifying competitions. Divisions allowing ineligible athletes to compete in qualifying competitions will be fined by USA Fencing; a $500 fine, which may be invoiced or withheld from the division’s membership rebate.

If you have issues with registration, please check to make sure you are a current USFencing member before you send me an email ( You will be blocked if you are not a current member. You must be a competitive or access member to compete in this event.


1) EMAIL if you have had a recent classification change and it's not reflected in askfred. Your profile will update when the event is uploaded to the computer and results from this event are posted back to askfred. Only classifications noted in the USFencing database are accepted.

2) EMAIL via askfred. PLEASE email for questions, info. etc. Askfred email is rarely used so most likely I won't respond to your query in time.

$35 online

registration by March 17

$70 online registration by March 24.

Unpaid entries are not considered entered into event. If you are not fully paid by deadline, you are late and will not be allowed to complete registration.


No refunds for self-withdrawal. Refunds must be requested before the stated deadline (March 17) and must be done by the organizer (


Please do not email asking for late entry. No registrations will be acceptable after final deadline.

New England Division is not responsible for any payment issues on askfred. To avoid payment issues and allow time to hire referees, please do not wait until the last minute to enter.

Medals awarded to top 4.

Qualifying results will be available via

25 percent of the total field qualify, fencers on NATIONAL POINT STANDINGS will count towards the total but will be skipped when counting for qualifiers. Regional points do not count for auto qualifiers. Please be aware that 12 or less in event will require a fence off for third place.

Events Scheduled:

Y14 Women's Epee

Y14 Women's Foil

Y14 Women's Saber

Y14 Men's Epee

Y14 Men's Foil

Y14 Men's Saber

Start times may be adjusted depending on entries. Emails will be sent to competitors if start time changes.

Preregistration opens on 01/01/2024.

Preregistration closes on 03/17/2024.