FAP-North D2 Foil, W Foil D2

May 8, 2022
Registration Closes May 6, 2022

827 Glenside Avenue Suite 201, Wyncote, PA 19095 USA Map
Online Payments Not Accepted
Pre-reg closes the FRIDAY prior to the event Entry fee $40 for 1st event. Discount for any subsequent events. Please see more info. Entry limited. No walk-ins.
Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing.
COVID19 TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION PROTOCOLS Events at this time are restricted to Philadelphia Division only. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PROFILE ON ASKFRED IN ORDER TO SUDDENLY BECOME "ELIGIBLE" TO COMPETE. Prior to the event all athletes will be checked by the USA Fencing Database. Inappropriate registrations will be deleted. *PLEASE NOTE that in light of recent experiences, referees will now be directed to treat any instance of the mask slipping off the nose while fencing as "non-conforming equipment" and apply warnings and penalties accordingly. MASKS MUST FIT SECURELY AT ALL TIMES. DRIVERS/PARENTS may not enter the building with their athlete. Only athletes and event staff are permitted in the venue. Event check in will take place in the Rices Mill lobby. Parents/drivers who wish to remain during the event may enter the Rices Mill lobby after check-in closes, and should bring their own seating, wear a mask that SECURELY, AT ALL TIMES, covers mouth AND NOSE, and stay appropriately distanced from others. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMPLY, DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT. Failure to comply will result in ban from premises. ATHLETES must self monitor and be symptom free for 14 days prior to the event. Stay home if you have had contact with anyone who is sick or known or suspected to have Covid19. Stay home if you are sick or don't feel well. All persons will submit to temperature checks on entry. Staff reserves right to send fencers home if they exhibit cold-like symptoms. There will be no entry with cold symptoms. All attendees will be assigned to their own, socially distanced sitting area. Social distancing will be strictly enforced. Non-adherence to social distancing rules will result in ejection. All fencers must have their own equipment. We are unable to lend equipment of any kind for any reason. Please order any equipment you may need ahead of time. Handshakes and athlete signatures will be suspended for this tournament. Referees will verify scores. Athletes will be provided time to check round results. By attending this tournament, you agree that within 14 days of the date of the event, you have not tested positive for Covid-19, been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, or traveled to a known Covid-19 hotspot. Additionally, you release and hold harmless FENCING ACADEMY of PHILADELPHIA, INC. and its staff from any and all liability regarding Covid-19 transmission. While state and local laws regarding Covid-19 transmission will be followed to the letter and every other imaginable precaution will be taken, there is an inherent transmission risk associated with being in public. If you have any questions about health and safety practices, please feel free to contact us directly. Clean/sanitize all uniform & equipment items prior to event Enter via Rices Mill entrance, pass temperature check before checking in for the event and entering venue Change shoes and wash hands before entering the venue Check in in person (remember, no parents!) Bring your own seating, snacks, and drinks (in no-spill water bottles) Wear clothing that allows the uniform to be put on over it in public Have exact change for entry fee ($40 cash, $60 for 2 events, $80 for 3 events) Place your seat in a designated place near the strip (no sitting on the floor). Sanitize the reel after use and dispose of wipes in provided wastebasket We remind athletes to ensure they have enough equipment and that it is working order prior to the event. Equipment and armouring services will not be available. Equipment may not be shared or borrowed. REFEREES. must bring their own seating, snacks and drinks ($10 comestibles allowance will be added to referee pay). must wear mask and face shield while refereeing must wipe test weight/shims after each use if using club test equipment EVENT STAFF will remind all to maintain distancing protocols and ensure cleanliness of the facility Events at FAP-North are capped, which allows us to have event staff (including referees), while maintaining proper spacing for safety. If you pre-register and cannot show up, please remove your name from the pre-registration list IN A TIMELY MANNER (more than 24 hours prior) as a courtesy to others who expect the tournament to run if it has six fencers registered the day of the event. When you remove your name from the list the day of the event THAT IS A NO SHOW. You have just wasted the time and money of others who have already traveled to the venue expecting to compete in a sanctioned event. If an emergency occurs please call or email so we can, if necessary, notify other competitors BEFORE they travel for a tournament they arrive expecting to run.