MI Division Senior 2023 Championships- FOIL/SABER Results

Senior Women's Saber 7 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Schick, Veronica RENAISSANC E2023
2 Chami, Lana RENAISSANC U
3 Brammer-Gonzales, Xiomara PA2FA E2023
3 Miller, Sophia RENAISSANC U
5 Hirsch, Lauren RENAISSANC U
6 Herman, Sabrina MSUFENCING U
7 Cudel, Evelyne MSUFENCING U
Senior Men's Saber 11 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Weller, Noah RENAISSANC E2022 E2023
2 Perry, Gwydion RENAISSANC U
3 Kauffman, Alex RENAISSANC U
3 Ludlow, Matthew RENAISSANC U
5 Oje, Chuku WESTMIFA E2023
6 Parkila, Lukas RENAISSANC E2023
7 Battisfore, Hunter MSUFENCING E2023
8 Yee, Collin RENAISSANC E2023
9 Goeddeke, Brendan RENAISSANC U
10 Oxie, Matthew BAYREGFA U
11 Peitsch, Seth RENAISSANC U
Senior Men's Foil 27 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Oronowicz, Jakub RENAISSANC A2021 A2023
2 Senic, Lucas RENAISSANC C2023 B2023
3 Soukar, Michael GRAPIDSFA B2022 B2023
3 Liu, Ethan RENAISSANC C2023 B2023
5 Stringer, David RENAISSANC C2022 C2023
6 Edwards, Maxon RENAISSANC C2023
7 Gogoi, Vir RENAISSANC B2021
8 Cho, Michael RENAISSANC A2022
9 VanOyen, Dominick PA2FA D2023
10 Pai, Lakshan GRAPIDSFA B2023
11 McIsaac, Finn RENAISSANC C2023
12 Fu, Steven PA2FA C2022
13 Fortune, Alex GRAPIDSFA B2023
14 Massimino, Andrew RENAISSANC E2022
15 Shevchenko, Kostiantyn PA2FA C2022
16 Mavani, Krishna RENAISSANC E2022
17 Santos, Carlos GRAPIDSFA C2021
18 Ashida, Tomoaki UNAT E2023
19 Slusher, Gideon WESTMIFA C2023
20 Nykamp, Caleb WESTMIFA C2023
21 Cotter, Jeffrey RENAISSANC D2022
22 Aravindaksha, Ayaan RENAISSANC U
23 Diepstra, Jeremy BAYREGFA D2023
24 Reaume, Nate GRAPIDSFA E2022
25 Kue, Temujin GRAPIDSFA U
26 Battisfore, Hunter MSUFENCING U
27 Oxie, Matthew BAYREGFA U
Senior Women's Foil 5 Competitors, U Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Senic, Adeline RENAISSANC A2023
2 Kelbley, Newt WESTMIFA E2023
3 Okwuosah, Judith RENAISSANC U
3 Seo, Odelia RENAISSANC E2022
June 17, 2023
Renaissance Fencing Club
185 E Elmwood Drive, Troy, MI 48083 USA
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Foil and Saber MI Championships at Renaissance Fencing Club! 12:00 pm: MI Division Annual Meeting & Elections. Cool Prizes - Swords to first place Woman and Man in each weapon.
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