Nor'Easter Open at CFC Results

Senior Mixed Foil 22 Competitors, C1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Tsai, Max MOEFENCING D2019 C2020
2 Melcher, Jack PortlandFC C2019
3 Borgal, Cameron UNH C2017
3 Pan, Eric OLYMPIAFC D2019 D2020
5 Boutin, Nathaniel INTLFENCEC E2019 E2020
6 Antonio, Marcky MOE E2019 E2020
7 Buckley-Jones, Henry MOE U E2020
8 Zhang, Mark IFABOSTON E2019 E2020
9 Dusinlleux, Kate UNH C2019
10 Wohlers, Casey SFC D2019
11 McLean, Miles MOEFENCING U
12 Papsun, Ben VASSAR FC U
13 Murdoch Roy, Charlie CONCORD U
14 Hoang, Michael CONCORD U
15 Frederick, Ethan PortlandFC D2019
16 Lee, Alan NEFA U
17 Wohlers, Trevor SFC E2019
18 Wilson, Samuel NEFA U
19 Yun, Sean NEFA U
20 Coelho, Sofia NEFA U
21 Liam, Cornell CONCORD U
22 Griesmer, James NEFA U
Senior Mixed Epee 25 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Melcher, Jack PortlandFC A2018
2 Jin, Owen CFC D2020 C2020
3 Gregory, Abram UNAT A2019
3 Bush, Thomas RIFAC C2019 C2020
5 Wu, Joseph CFC D2019 D2020
6 Dyer, Ian UNAT D2019 D2020
7 Borgal, Cameron UNH C2019
8 Rouse, Joseph CANDLEWOOD B2019
9 Johnson, Evan CONCORD D2018
10 Choy, Ida SFC B2017
11 Wenger, Caleb CONCORD U E2020
12 Hosanagar, Inchara MEDEO FC E2019 E2020
13 Walting, Paul PVFA C2019
14 Bixby, Peter SFC D2019
15 Wen, Jiazheng KH E2019
16 Papsun, Ben VASSAR FC D2019
17 Etzel, Rowan PortlandFC E2019
18 Tamragouri, Sucheta SFC D2019
19 Kochi, Andrew MFA U
20 Murdoch Roy, Grace CONCORD U
21 Martone, Cara UNAT U
22 Dusinlleux, Kate UNH U
23 Zhang, William CFC U
24 Houst, Michael SFC E2019
25 Murdoch Roy, Charlie CONCORD U
Senior Mixed Saber 5 Competitors, U Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Rollock, Jonathan UNAT D2016
2 So, KwanTing KH E2019
3 Lee, Cho-Ruei KH U
3 Walting, Paul PVFA U
5 Murdoch Roy, Charlie CONCORD U
February 8, 2020
Concord Fencing Club
126D Hall Street, Concord, NH 03301 USA
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Pre-registration Deadline: Thursday PM (midnight) prior to tournament. All events limited to 48 fencers. (For fees & details, see 'More Info' page)
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