Swords & Strategy New Location Celebration Results

Mixed Epee 28 Competitors, B2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Levandowski, Jim CDFS B2018
2 Jin, Owen CAVALIER E2019 D2019
3 Robbins, Daniel CDFS U D2019
4 Nguyen, Thanh BSC-NY D2017 D2019
5 DiPaola, Steven S&S-FC B2016
6 McDarby, Kieron FMCC D2018
7 Karasick, Michael URFC D2018
8 Rouse, Joseph CANDLEWOOD C2018
9 Simon, Tobias URFC E2018
10 Schwarz, Otto CDFS E2018
11 Ruggles, William UPPERVLYFC E2018
12 Canning, Jonathan UNAT U
13 Duffy, Keith BSC-NY D2017
14 Karasick, Andrew UNAT D2018
15 Meagher, Roderick BSC-NY C2016
16 McDarby, Michael S&S-FC C2018
17 Rockey, David ROCHESTERF D2018
18 Maher, Brian RPI U
19 Carroll, Christopher RFC U
20 Houst, Michael SFC E2018
21 Macko, Daniel CDFS U
22 Pezzulo, John CDFS U
23 Cutler, Karen VFA U
24 Block, Robert UNAT U
25 Testa, Lauren URFC U
26 Parris, Tom VFA E2017
27 Lopez, Jennifer UNAT U
28 Tabak, Grigoriy URFC U
E & Under Mixed Epee 17 Competitors, D1 Event
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Schwarz, Otto CDFS E2018 D2019
2 Jin, Owen CAVALIER E2019
3 Simon, Tobias URFC E2018 E2019
4 Canning, Jonathan URFC U E2019
5 Ruggles, William UPPERVLYFC E2018
6 Houst, Michael SFC E2018
7 Block, Robert URFC U
8 Macko, Daniel CDFS U
9 Robbins, Daniel CDFS U
10 Maher, Brian RPI U
11 Carroll, Christopher RFC U
12 Pezzulo, John CDFS U
13 Cutler, Karen VFA U
14 Testa, Lauren URFC U
15 Parris, Tom VFA E2017
16 Tabak, Grigoriy URFC U
17 Lopez, Jennifer URFC U
February 16, 2019
Swords and Strategy Fencing Club
4755 Route 30 (Maple Ave corner), Amsterdam, NY 12010 USA
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New Location! Start at 11 AM. Entry Fee is $15.00. Sanctioned. Don't forget, snacks! Plus, free parking. Final round MAY be double elimination, w/o Fencing Time. You can fence in the both open and U&E for one charge.
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