South Jersey Division 2023 JO Qualifier

November 26, 2023
Infinity Fencing Alliance

Infinity Fencing Alliance at Woolwich, NJ
50 Paulsboro Road, Woolwich, NJ 08085 USA
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You must be a USFA member (South Jersey Division) to compete in this event. South Jersey Division qualification will be verified before final approval of registration. SEE MORE INFO PAGE. Pre-registration ends 11/12/22. Late Registration ends 11/19/22.

This tournament is the qualification path for South Jersey fencers who wish to compete in the 2024 Junior Olympics Fencing Championship event being held Feb. 16-19, 2024 in Charlotte, N.C.

You must be a USFA member (South Jersey Division) to compete in this event. Members must reside in or attend a South Jersey Division club which is in the Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem County areas during the 2023-2024 fencing season.

South Jersey Division qualification will be verified before final approval of registration.

Entry Fees: $20 registration fee plus $30 per event entered.

Regular Preregistration closes on 11/12/23

Late Registration starts on 11/13/23

Late Registration ends on 11/19/23

The late registration fee will be $40 plus $60 per event and must be paid through Askfred. No registration at the door. There are no exceptions to this policy. For any questions concerning late registration please contact:

Qualifying for Junior Olympics:

The top 25% of the competitors in each event qualify for the Junior Olympics.

The Junior (U20) age group consists of fencers born in the years 2004 through 2010. A fencer born after 2010 can fence in the Junior (Under 20) Championships qualifying tournament if the fencer is on the National Cadet (U17) point standings at the time of the entry deadline for that tournament.

Here is the link to the USA Fencing National Points List:

If you are on the National Points list and wish to fence up in your age category please email the organizer BEFORE the posted deadlines for permission to register.

For more information about the qualification paths for the Junior Olympics via regional points, please refer to the 2023-2024 Athlete's Handbook:

Sanctioning and Format:

This tournament is sanctioned by the South Jersey Division of the USA Fencing. The format for each event consists of a round of pools with 100% promoted to the direct elimination round.

Check-in deadline times are subject to change. Please plan to arrive at least 60 minutes before each posted deadline for equipment check.

Fencers must be a South Jersey Division member & US citizen or permanent US residents to participate in this tournament.

Close of Check-In*:

Jr Men's Sabre - 9:30 am

Cadet Men's Sabre - 9:30 am

Jr Women's Sabre - 11:30 am

Cadet Women's Sabre - 11:30 am

Jr Men's Foil - 11:00 am

Cadet Men's Foil - 11:00 am

Jr Women's Foil - 11:00 am

Cadet Women's Foil - 11:00 am

Jr Men's Epee - 12:30 pm

Cadet Men's Epee - 12:30 pm

Jr Women's Epee - 12:30 pm

Cadet Women's Epee - 12:30 pm

*Scheduled times are subject to change.

USFA and Waiver Information: You must have a valid USFA membership or join the USFA at the event. Because the tournament includes fencers under the age of 18, all fencers who are under 18 and their parents must also sign the waiver form at the qualifier at the door.

Fencers must follow the age restrictions set forth by the USFA:

All fencers are expected to wear full fencing attire and bring at least two weapons and body cords that meet USFA requirements. There are no exceptions to the attire and equipment rules.

Payments: Payment must be paid to Askfred at the time of registration.

Refunds: No refunds of Registration Fees. Refund checks for events are mailed after the tournament MINUS the registration fee.

There will be salutes in place of handshakes after every bout.

Fencers should refrain from screaming or shouting after touches.

When the fencer is eliminated from the tournament, they and their plus one must exit the tournament venue immediately.

Email questions at