2024 BFC Youth Series 2

December 9 - 10 2023
Registration Closes December 2, 2023
Boston Fencing Club

Boston Fencing Club
100 Holton Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02135 US Map
Online Payment Required To Register
$25 entry fee per event; high points award to top M/W in each weapon. Must be present to receive award. Athlete must be access or competitive USFencing member. See More Info for latest updates

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME VIA ASKFRED. Use merritt55@comcast.net.

If you want to add an event after you have already registered for one, unfortunately, we need to refund and withdraw your fencer and you need to reregister for both events.

Registration for this event will open October 1, 2023.


Ensure you have the correct USFencing membership. Access membership level is acceptable. New membership year starts August 1. However, membership renewal will open July 1.




Events are not capped and NO walkins are allowed.


NO refunds after December 2 and NO refunds for self-withdrawal, no shows, injuries, COVID or any other medical/personal reason. All withdrawals must be done by organizer. Please send address with withdrawal request. 




$25 regular registration fee October 1 - December 2

No late entries and NO WALKINS


Series of four (4) tournaments. Each placement is awarded points.


High Points winner at end of season receives a special award but must be present to win.


If there is a tie for high points award, the fencer who participated in the most events will win. If there is still a tie, the fencer who placed highest in the final event will win. THE WINNER MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE AWARD.


Preregistration closes on 12/2/2023.


Y10: Birth years of 2013 - 2016

Y12: Birth years of 2011 - 2014

Y14: Birth years of 2009 - 2012


REMINDER: USFencing membership status will be checked before the event but PLEASE bring your current USFA membership card just in case there are issues. If you are not a member please go to USfencing.com membership, join and print a copy of the card once you have completed the membership process. For this event, ACCESS membership category will suffice if that category is still offered.


Please ensure you have all appropriate equipment. The on site store may not be open. Club WILL NO longer loan equipment.


Times may be changed to accommodate number of entries. Please continue to monitor askfred for any tournament changes. Current close of registration times may be found under who's coming. Please note: close of registration time means be on site at least one half hour before the noted time. Late comers will not be accommodated.


Preregistration opens on 10/1/2023.

Preregistration closes on 12/2/2023.