NEUSFA 2019 Pomme De Terre - TEAM EVENTS Results

Place Team Members Club
1 MFA Huang, Bin
Wang, Brian
Li, Brian
Hu, Oliver
Marx Fencing Academy
2 Moe Gruber, Samuel
Andrade, Nicholas
Sapienza, Stefano
Moe Fencing Club
3 Fencers School of CT Dobbins, Evan
Welch, Kyle
Schultes, Evans
Hilmer, Michael
Fencers School of Connecticut
4 Olympia Chestna, Sam
Yang, Adam
Jimenez, Diran
Zhang, Daniel
Olympia Fencing Center Cambr.
5 Alexander Batrak Craley, Thomas
Sposato, Luke
Batrak, Alexander
Siegel, Elliot
Candlewood Fencing Center
6 BFC Cortizas, Jack
Liu, Jonathan
Bickford, Michael
Hewes, Thomas
Boston Fencing Club
7 RIFAC Zhou, Timmy
Degremont, Henri
Marshall, Ian
Schenck, Koen
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club
8 IFC foilist Boutin, Nathaniel
Cutler, Andrew
Soares, Michael
Boussy, Luciano
International Fencing Club
Place Team Members Club
1 Marx Fencing Gong, Christina
Hao, Alicia
Zheng, Ivy
Jing, Alexandra
Marx Fencing Academy
2 Gold Fencing Zhou, Emme
Ren, Olivia
Li, Grace
Shang, Andrea
Gold Fencing Club
3 RIFAC Breker, Anika
Costello, Angeline
Achilova, Feyza
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club
4 KJE Wang, Ellen
Shaw, Kayla
Sadan, Jordan
Unattached (or Unknown)
5 MOE Kelly, Katherine
Ma, Lina
Molho, Sofia
Moe Fencing Club
6 Olympia Foil Shortall, Samantha
Shen, Sophia H.
He, Fenghuan
Yu, Jaime
Olympic Fencing Club
Place Team Members Club
1 Musketeers Lo, Joshua
Travers, Samir
Czaha, Balint
Boston Fencing Club
2 2.5 Koreans Pedersen, Leif
Lim, Ryan
Cho, Sungmin
Unattached (or Unknown)
3 Boston Fencing Club Rai, Avin
Raman, Easwer
Brusie, Christopher
Boston Fencing Club
Place Team Members Club
1 OFC Vermeule, Emily
Wade, Ava
Robles, Elena
Chretien, Pauline
Olympia Fencing Center Cambr.
2 marx red Bates, Cassandra
Zafft, Tatiana
Cobert, Helen
Zafft, Sharrie
Marx Fencing Academy
3 Bay State 2 Provenza, Hannah
Didonato, Gianina
Carvalho, Maia
Benning, Friederike
Bay State Fencers
4 Bay State Fencers 1 Kandel, Margaret
Yee-Wadsworth, Sofia
McNeill, Claire
Bay State Fencers
5 RIFAC Biggs, Amelia
Smuk, Daria
Douglas, Julia
Saal, Anna
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club
6 BFC Baffa, Arianna
Baffa, Caterina
Pardo, Sarah
Boston Fencing Club
7 Marx Blue Kirkwood, Emily
Parte, Isabella
Siddiqui, Ammna
Marx Fencing Academy
Place Team Members Club
1 marx red Maczik, Adam W
Andreev, Arthur
Yu, Colin
Zafft, Maximo
Marx Fencing Academy
2 Bay State Fencers Mechkov, Iliya
Hitchcock, David
Carvalho, Daniel
Wyrobnik, David
Bay State Fencers
3 RIFAC Insler, Gabriel
Insler, Ethan
Lavenstein, Kinley
McDermott, Brian
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club
4 Fairfield Fencing Academy Dion, Justin
Stevens, James
Scott, Oscar
Fairfield County Fencers Club
5 Blackstone Valley Fencing Academy Burke, Matthew
Gregory, Abram
White, Daniel
Blackstone Valley Fencing Academy
6 Shippy's Kids Tordo, Garrett
Stusnick, Hunter
Armstrong, Chris
Brandeis University Ncaa
7 The Real Bros of PFC Fenwick, Luke
Brinton, Robert
Marchant, Albert
Alfaiate, Lucas
Prospect Fencing Club
8 Vargas Spincken, Griffen
Toth, Jade
Bruggemann, Jonas
Dembski, Clayton
Unattached (or Unknown)
June 15 - 16 2019
Brandeis University, Gosman Sports Center
415 South St, Waltham, MA 02453 USA
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TEAM DEADLINE iS June 1. Minimum 3 teams must be PREREGISTERED & PAID for event to be held. See More Info for IMPORTANT INFORMATION Entry Fee: $75.00 per team.
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