25th Semi-Annual Ticonderoga Challenge Results

Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Epee 4 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 May, Francis VFA
2 Grisi, Anthony S&S-FC
3 Lamoreaux, Andrew VFA
3 Raymond, Oliver VFA
Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Epee 25 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Wells, Tesla MFA
2 McDarby, Michael S&S-FC
3 Nguyen, Thanh BSC-NY
3 Shoneman, Sam OSFC
5 Schuppe, Ray VFA
6 Fox, Viveka VFA
7 Biancosino, Kirin VFA
8 Cook, Ethan VFA
9 Crocket, Anne UNAT
10 Lamoreaux, Zachariah VFA
11 Lane, Lane VFA
12 Macik, Axel VFA
13 Ruggles, William UPPERVLYFC
14 Glazer, Adam VFA
15 Beech, Evan VFA
16 Foxlin, Xyla UNAT
17 Zimmerman, Robert VFA
18 Hernandez, Diana VFA
19 Kerins, Taber VFA
20 Henty, Colton VFA
21 McDarby, Kieron S&S-FC
22 Baker-Rouse, Toby VFA
23 PowerFreeman, Mark VFA
24 Mazur, Chris VFA
25 Rouse, Jessica VFA
Senior Women's Epee 5 Competitors, U Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Wells, Tesla MFA B2021
2 Crocket, Anne UNAT B2023
3 Foxlin, Xyla UNAT U
3 Fox, Viveka VFA D2022
5 Rouse, Jessica VFA U
May 27, 2023
Fort Ticonderoga
102 Fort Ti Rd, Ticonderoga, NY 12883 USA
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Annual outdoor epee tradition at historic Fort Ticonderoga! IMPORTANT: ASKFRED EMAIL NOT WORKING. CHECK BACK HERE OFTEN FOR UPDATES. READ MORE INFO!!!
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