21st Annual Ticonderoga Challenge Outdoor Epee Results

Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Epee 30 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Horak, Peter RPICLGRFC
2 Rivait, Birk SCATFC
3 Marchant, Albert PFC
3 Horak, David UPPERVLYFC
5 Brideau, Justin SCATFC
6 Brookes, Scott DARTMOUTH
7 Brisson, Jack UNAT
8 Schuppe, Ray VERMONTFA
9 Crocket, Anne SC
10 Kite, Alexander VERMONTFA
11 Fox, Viveka VERMONTFA
12 Mastronardi, Joseph RVRSIDEFCL
13 Fenwick, Luke PFC
14 Selby, Donald VERMONTFA
15 Taylor, Aedan VERMONTFA
16 Bagley, Ryan VERMONTFA
17 Wheeler, Michele VERMONTFA
18 Greenwood, Seamus VERMONTFA
19 Keeton, James VIVOFENCIN
20 Puffer, Keith MID VT
21 McDarby, Kieron FMCC
22 Mastronardi, Laura RVRSIDEFCL
23 Kane, Garrett VERMONTFA
24 Houst, Michael SFC
25 Kite, Robert VERMONTFA
26 Hogan, Debra VERMONTFA
27 Ernstrom, Glen VERMONTFA
28 Cutler, Karen VERMONTFA
29 Greenewalt, Barbara VERMONTFA
30 Pasquence, Abbey VERMONTFA
Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Epee 7 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Fleckenstein, Benjamin SYRACUSEMU
2 Weston, Henry VERMONTFA
3 Hanna, Torrey VERMONTFA
3 Keeton, Jackson VIVOFENCIN
5 May, Ciaran VERMONTFA
6 Archer, Darien VERMONTFA
7 Baker-Rouse, Toby VERMONTFA
May 26, 2018
Fort Ticonderoga National Historic Site
Fort Rd, Ticonderoga, NY 12883 USA
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Outdoor epee fencing at an 18th Century French fort - what could be better! Raindate Sun. 5/27. Limit of 85 fencers in open epee, 14 in Y12. Must register by midnight 5/21 to receive free pass to Fort Ti by e-mail (needed for access to grounds).
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