True Focus Weekend Series #2

September 23, 2023
True Focus Sports Academy

True Focus Sports Academy
2800 5th Street, Suite 100, Davis, CA 95618 US
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True Focus Weekend Series are designed to maximize youth fencers' competitive experience in a user-friendly environment while accommodating a wide range of skill levels.

We divide the fencers into two mixed-gender groups: Group A includes cadet and Y 14 fencers; Group B includes fencers include Y12 and Y10 fencers. In the first installment of the series, fencers are placed in a respective group based on their actual age. After each installment, the top 3 fencers in Group B are promoted to Group A in the next installment, and the bottom 3 fencers in Group A are demoted to Group B in the next installment.

Each tournament will have the following format: for each group, we will first conduct a pool round with 15-point bouts. (For example, if Group A has 10 fencers, each person will fence with nine other fencers with 15-point bouts; if Group A has more fencers, we might divide them into more than one pool). Subsequently, based on the pool results, we will conduct the DEs with 15-point bouts to determine the final placement. We expect every participant will get to fence 100+ touches against a wide variety of opponents. In order to equalize the field and allow everyone to benefit from the competition, we will assign handicap points among fencers based on their skill levels.


(1) We provide seven full-size grounded FIE metal strips with automatically timed scoring systems.

(2) To maximize strip utilization and keep the cost down, all pool bouts are self-refereed. Fencers are expected to self-pace their bouts, and all strips are expected to be occupied at all times.

(3) To equalize the field and optimize the level of challenge to all fencers, we will assign handicap points to fencers based on their respective skill levels.

(4) Cost: $50. TFSA members receive 50% discount.