The Music City Series #3 Results

Senior Mixed Epee 31 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Piraino, Robert CLOSED B2017 A2017
2 Oliverius, Joseph CLOSED A2014
3 Beski, Johnny CLOSED A2016
3 Boylan, Jack LOUISVILLE C2017 B2017
5 Aymett, Robert MUSFC B2017
6 Farley, Carson FESS C2016 C2017
7 Randles, Theo UOFL C2016 C2017
8 Webb, Jacob MEMP. U. S E2017 C2017
9 Miller, Austin LOUISVILLE C2016
10 Seabury, Maxwell CLOSED D2016 D2017
11 Guenther, Kaz P. MEMP. U. S C2016
12 Bernstein, Stuart MTSUFC D2014
13 Edens, Mark SEWANEE D2016
14 Szokolay, Robert CLOSED C2016
15 Nutter, Max CLOSED U
16 Young, David C HFC B2013
17 Black, Estonia UT-KNOX E2016
18 Wall, Tristan FESS D2016
19 Parks, Robert HFC E2014
20 Saul, Nicole CLOSED U
21 Welford, Derek HFC E2016
22 Baker, Julian CLOSED E2017
23 Flynn, Anthony FESS U
24 Guenther II, Karl UNAT U
25 Terry, James CLOSED U
26 Rickman, Samuel UT-KNOX U
27 Hall, Jenny CLOSED U
28 Jaggers, Kenneth MSFC U
29 Bookout, Olivia FESS U
30 Puccetti, Garrett MSFC E2016
31 Yap, Callum CLOSED U
Senior Mixed Foil 19 Competitors, D1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Salsman IV, John E. BLUEGRASSF C2016
2 Aymett, Robert MUSFC D2013
3 Creel, Aidan MFC E2017
3 Piraino, Robert CLOSED D2016
5 Ashley, Logan EKUFC E2015
6 Edens, Forrest VUFC U
7 Rutherfurd, John "Trace" CLOSED E2016
8 Guenther II, Karl MUSFC U
9 Curtis, William UT-KNOX E2016
10 Palmaffy, Sean SB U
11 Henderson, Casey UT-KNOX U
12 Kato, Hikaru EKUFC U
13 Alford, Bryce CLOSED U
14 Batson, Kaleookalani CLOSED U
15 Beckerson, Nickolas EKUFC U
16 Palmaffy, Sophia SB U
17 Wilson, Ronald CDE U
18 Kim, Jessica CLOSED U
19 Adams, Noah UT-KNOX U
Senior Women's Foil 6 Competitors, E1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Edens, Forrest VUFC U E2017
2 Kato, Hikaru EKUFC U
3 Barnes, Brandy CLOSED U
3 Batson, Kaleookalani CLOSED U
5 Palmaffy, Sophia SB U
6 Kim, Jessica CLOSED U
February 4 - 5 2017
Music City Fencing Club
2543R Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214 USA
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This is the third tournament in our 2016-17 season Music City Series. Mixed Open events in both foil and epee. All participants will earn points towards our Grand Prize, and finalists will receive medals.
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