New York Open - Senior Men's Epee Results

Senior Men's Epee 59 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Schumacher, Cooper FC A2019 A2021
2 Yoo, Justin FENCERSCLU A2020
3 Wu, Joseph CFC A2021
3 Duncan, Corwin FC A2020
5 Lawson, Henry FC A2021
6 Haddad, Justin DCFENCERS A2021
7 Yergler, Jonathan NYAC B2019
8 Smoak, Omari WESTBROOK A2017
9 Kushnerik, Ethan NYAC A2021
9 Suico, Zachary Emanuel MEDEO FC A2020
11 Van Den Bergh, Alexander MEDEO FC A2018
12 Ma, Shuhe CAVALIER C2021
13 Szabo, Domonkos SWP A2019
14 Kim, Will FAW C2021
15 Wieder, Benjamin J NYAC C2021
16 Vaysbukh, Konstantin NYLIFC A2021
17 Loncar, Luka OFC CAMBR. A2021
18 Stusnick, Hunter MEDEO FC A2019
19 Sanders, Ian FENCERSCLU A2021
20 Tableman, Doug CARDINALFA A2019
21 Goldfine, Ian NYFA A2021
22 Bindas, Odinn ATLANTIC B2021
23 Park, Frederick MEDEO FC C2021
24 Serafin, Ben FAP D2021
25 Kim, Byung NYFA LI C2021
26 Fuller, George FC A2020
27 Polster, Joshua YESHIVA U E2019
28 Zhao, Luhan FAP C2021
29 Mishima, Torata MEDEO FC A2021
30 Zhang, Jie WANGLEIINT U
31 Kompella, Sriram PHYFENCING U
32 Lief, Isaac LIFC C2021
33 Boratin, Daniel LIFC B2018
34 Doan, Joseph UNAT A2018
35 Daniel, Camron NYU C2018
35 Moore, Shomari WESTBROOK A2018
37 Carpenter, Liam FENCERSCLU A2018
38 Che, Chang UNAT U
39 Gorti, Agustya PHXCENTER E2019
40 Gibson, Nowell NYFA A2021
41 Shen, Max MEDEO FC C2021
42 Persaud, Daivik FC B2020
43 Pho, Eric FENCERSCLU A2021
44 Sivakumar, Ajit RESTONFC A2021
45 Blanchard, Jonah CHATHAM HS U
46 Dixon, Thomas FC C2021
47 Viederman, Matthew FC D2020
48 Cheung, Liyan UNAT D2018
49 Bankulla, Nihal ZFA D2020
50 Sun, James MASTERS FA E2021
51 Chimoskey, Finn NYFA U
52 Coetzee, Frans PRIHLSYMCA D2021
53 Chen, Jun Ho PHXCENTER C2021
54 Fullerton, Joshua UF GATORS D2019
55 Corridon, Jack (John) STVNTCH D2021
55 Patel, Neal NYU E2018
57 Rich, Celester FC U
58 Schiavone, Oreste FC U
59 Gayle, Luke UNAT U
October 10, 2021
Fencers Club
229 W. 28th Street, Floor 2, New York, NY 10001 USA
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Entry fee is $50. Winner will receive a cash prize after the four events are finished. No walk-ins will be accepted.
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