New York Open - Senior Men's Epee Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
Senior Men's Epee Check-In Closed Sunday, Oct 10 at 2:00PM
76 Fencers : 26A, 7B, 16C, 11D, 6E, 10U Could be up to a A4 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Agaon, Ethan Unattached (or Unknown) B2020
Agaon, Shawn Unattached (or Unknown) D2021
Alavosus, James Fencers Club E2019
Asher, Jacob New York University C2021
Bankulla, Nihal Zeljkovic Fencing Academy D2020
Basok, Nikita Fencing Academy Of Westchester C2021
Bindas, Odinn Atlantic Fencing Academy B2021
Blanchard, Jonah Chatham HS U
Boratin, Daniel Long Island Fencing Center B2018
Carpenter, Liam Fencers Club Inc. A2018
Che, Chang Unattached (or Unknown) U
Chen, Jun Ho The Phoenix Center C2021
Cheung, Liyan Unattached (or Unknown) D2018
Chimoskey, Finn New York Fencing Academy U
Cipriani, Andrea Fencers Club NY C2021
Coetzee, Frans Princeton-hillsborough Ymca D2021
Corridon, Jack (John) Stevens Inst. Of Tech. Ncaa D2021
Daniel, Camron New York University Ncaa C2018
DiSimone, David Fencing Academy of Philadelphia D2020
Dixon, Thomas Fencers Club C2021
Doan, Joseph Unattached (or Unknown) A2018
Duncan, Corwin Fencers Club A2020
Fuller, George Fencers Club A2020
Fullerton, Joshua University of Florida Fencing Team D2019
Gibson, Nowell New York Fencing Academy A2021
Goldfine, Ian New York Fencing Academy A2021
Gordon, Reis New York University Ncaa A2020
Gorti, Agustya The Phoenix Center E2019
Gray, Alex Golden Gate Fencing Center D2018
Groom, Layne Mission Fencing Center C2019
Grupp, Tristan Fencing Academy of Philadelphia B2018
Haddad, Justin DC Fencers Club A2021
Hensal, Nicolas DC Fencers Club A2021
Jin, Owen Cavalier Fencing Club A2021
Kim, Byung New York Fencing Academy Long Island C2021
Kim, Will Fencing Academy Of Westchester C2021
Kobi, Samuel New York Fencing Academy B2021
Kompella, Sriram Princeton-Hillsborough YMCA FC U
Kushnerik, Ethan New York Athletic Club A2021
Lawson, Henry Fencers Club A2021
Lief, Isaac Long Island Fencing Center C2021
Liverant, Skyler New York Fencing Academy A2020
Loncar, Luka Olympia Fencing Center Cambr. A2021
Luo, Aaron Fencers Club U
Ma, Shuhe Cavalier Fencing Club C2021
Mishima, Torata Medeo Fencing Club A2021
North, Gary Penta Olympic Fencing Club A2020
Park, Frederick Medeo Fencing Club C2021
Patel, Neal New York University E2018
Persaud, Daivik Fencers Club B2020
Pho, Eric Fencers Club Inc. A2021
Polster, Joshua Yeshiva University E2019
Rich, Celester Fencers Club U
Rifkind, Neil Fencers Club U
Rodriguez Nuñez, Luis Rafael Long Island Fencing Club U
Romero, Javier Fencers Club C2021
Sanders, Ian Fencers Club Inc. A2021
Schiavone, Oreste Fencers Club U
Serafin, Ben Fencing Academy of Philadelphia D2021
Shen, Max Medeo Fencing Club C2021
Sivakumar, Ajit Cardinal Fencing Academy A2021
Stusnick, Hunter Medeo Fencing Club A2019
Suico, Zachary Emanuel Medeo Fencing Club A2020
Sun, James Masters Fencing Academy E2021
Szabo, Domonkos Sword Players A2019
Tableman, Doug Cardinal Fencing Academy A2019
Van Den Bergh, Alexander Medeo Fencing Club A2018
Vaysbukh, Konstantin New York Long Island Fencing Center A2021
Viederman, Matthew Fencers Club D2020
Werr, Tyler Drew University E2021
Wieder, Benjamin J New York Athletic Club C2021
Wu, Joseph Cavalier Fencing Club A2021
Yergler, Jonathan New York Athletic Club B2019
Zeff, Avi Unattached (or Unknown) D2021
Zhang, Jie Wanglei International Fencing Club U
Zhao, Luhan Fencing Academy of Philadelphia C2021